Sight Word Lists – Make a Rainbow

Here is the Sight Word Rainbow for our class to use to see who is learning all their Kindergarten sight words from the list. I put the words in a listing order from easy to harder with some color words sprinkled in. Most of these words make up the 50 most used words in Children’s Literature. So it is super smart to memorize them for reading fluency.

Class Sight Word Rainbow. Add your “sun” with YOUR name on it as soon as you learn the words in List 1.  (is, it, in, on, no, of, us, as, an am, at, the). Each list has 12 words for 72 total. 

If you help your kids learn these words, they will become better readers. It is plain and simple. Sight words are words that are harder to sound out and are better learned my rote memorization.

We have 5 kids so far that have put their “sun” up on the red part of the rainbow, having memorized the first word list of 2 letter words and THE. The words are listed on the back of the homework folder in 5 lists. These kids won a red piece of licorice. Let’s see how many we can get up on the rainbow by Thanksgiving!

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