Earth Day Activities

Earth Week Writing and Art projects…..

This week we were a little late in getting our Earth Day stuff done. I really like to spend a full week on Earth Day, I think it is that important for kids to know that we can all make a difference in how we Reduce our trash use, reuse things and recycle what we can. And most of them don’t know how much trash we dump in our landfills, or even what a landfill is!

The Adventures of a Plastic Bottle: A Story About Recycling by Alison Inches  It’s a great week to learn how we all can help in the goal of reducing our trash, recycling, and not wasting resources.

Going Green Bracelets…..all 30 kids made these….check out Oriental Trading for the  cute foam beads.
We wrote about how we can help during Earth Week…

Earth Day prompt; I can help the earth by……

Composting is very good for the earth! The kids learned a lot from all their readings….

Oh no! Pollution is not good!  Yuck! 
Our bulletin board…. with our 2 weekly readers…..
We talked about the 3 Rs; Reducing, reusing and recycling…
We chose our Earth Day writing papers…..

 Then painted the earth on coffee filters…..and glued on hands…..

And colored rainbows…..gotta love a rainbow! 
Picking up trash for Earth Week is a great idea! 
Walking instead of taking a car…great idea!  
Earth Week book center…..we read many Weekly Readers too….
And I bought “Peat Pots” for us to plant vegetables seeds of our choice…..
We wrote down things we would try to do to be better at ecology…..
And recycling and not adding to the pollution we see…in water, parks and beaches….
We’ve learned a lot about our world these past few weeks…..