Father’s Day Pirate Cards from Handprints

We made some cute little Pirate Handprint Cards for Father’s Day on Friday.

Father’s Day Pirate Cards from Handprints. 

We painted the palm of the kids’ hands peach colored (white with a little orange mixed in) and just the top of the palm by the wrist red, and all the 4 fingers black. We didn’t paint the thumb. Then we pressed them on folded 9 x 11 white cardstock. Inside we glued in our handwritten messages on cute stationery I found for free at Teacher Pay Teacher from Whitney Parlin HERE. The 2nd download has the Father’s Day Papers. I made 8 copies of each style and the kids chose their favorite to write on.

Sorry I forgot to take pics, but they wrote “Happy Father’s Day. I love you. You are good at….. and we brainstormed about 10 things dads are good at. The kids added a few that matched their dads. They were really cute. One little boy said his dad was good at shooting guns. Another boy said his dad is a good cook. Super cute!

My class with their Father’s Day Cards. These pirate handprints turned out cute and only took about 30 minutes to do the entire class. 

Then we glued on black hats and I copied off some cute pirate printouts we glued on the hats. Then I gave each child a wiggly eye and an eye patch to glue on. They made the face with black crayon and added a black line for the eyepatch.

Father’s Day Pirate Cards from Handprints. 

Then I typed up Dad You’re GRRRRREAT! and they glued those down at the bottom of the card. I was thinking of putting You’re a Grrrrrreat Matey, Dad! But it sounded kind of weird. Too Punn-y maybe?

If you can think of a fun one-liner for next year’s card, write it in the comments.
The link for the free PIRATE printable skull and crossbones is HERE at Lee Hansen.com. Thanks LEE! And HERE is a fun math match up Pirate game I downloaded as a fast finisher.

Arg! Mateys, Have a Happy Father’s Day!