Paper Bag Scarecrows for Fall

Happy Fall, Ya’ll! How many have their Thanksgiving Turkeys all up? I made my “What We are Thanksful For” turkeys last week. This week I’m going to make some Scarecrows.

I’m using brown paper bags, wiggly eyes, 6 colors (RED, GREEN, ORANGE, YELLOW, PINK, BROWN) of construction or butcher roll paper, a stir stick from Home Depot and some crumpled or shredded newspaper. Optional is plaid scrapbook paper and some sunflower seeds for the little flower on the hat.  
I also like to use some plaid scrapbook paper to make a patch or two on the hat and outfit in coordinating colors.  If you let the kids choose their fall colors for the hat it looks cute with a plaid patch on it. I would add a little sign under the neck that says, “HAPPY FALL, Y’ALL!” 

     Fall Scarecrow Art 
Add a little sunflower made from yellow triangles and a brown circle to the hat  and cut and glue the face of the scarecrow onto the flat part of a brown bag and add the wiggly eyes. Draw the eyebrows and a smile on with black marker. Make strips of yellow butcher paper for the hair. Stuff the scarecrow with newspaper strips or shreds. Put glue on the stick and stuff it inside the shreds.
I love the little black crow on the hat too. It’s cute. So kids will be able to choose a sunflower or a crow. 
    Then close up the bag and put a rubber band around it. Add ribbon or torn fabric around the rubber band. Make up signs and copy them on tan or yellow cardstock and cut out then attach to the neck with a pin or glue. Add hair strips to top of head. 
    ABC Teach  has some cute writing paper to use for a scarecrow story. I’m using it to have the kids write “WHAT I LIKE ABOUT FALL”. 
    Then make a sailor hat out of fall colored butcher paper. Glue on top of head. Add a plaid patch to the hat.  Have kids write acrostic poems about “F-A-L-L” or “AUTUMN” to go with the scarecrow art. A compound word activity is also 
    HERE at ABC Teach.
Some cute paper with a scarecrow on top can be found here at Activity Village. There is lined and dotted lined paper to write Fall and Autumn Acrostic Poems. 
I love this one from Oriental Trading. What a cute scarecrow!  
Scarecrow (Tune: I’m a Little Teapot) I wrote this little ditty! 
I’m a little scarecrow short and fat
Stuffed together with a big straw hat!
When the crows come ’round
to gobble my corn
I shake and I shout
In the Early Morn!

So Clap and Stomp
and snap and HOP
till (clap) those scarecrows (stomp)  all fly(snap)  OFF! (hop) fly off!

5 Crows All Shiny Black (Tune: 5 Little Speckled Frogs)
5 Crows all shiny black
Sat on a scarecrow’s back
Eating the most delicious corn (caw, caw)
Scarecrow winked and shouted “BOO!”
Scared those crows and away they flew!
Now there’s only 4 black shiny crows (caw caw)

repeat with 3, then 2, then 1, then none.

I will show the kids all these designs for faces with the pink cheeks, triangle noses and the sunflowers and hopefully, theirs will all look a little different and unique.  We’ll see. A cute coloring page that I’m going to add some math problems to the back is Here at Fun Pages for Kids. And the head is HERE.
I’ll post pictures when we are done this week. In the meantime, Happy Fall, Y’all!