Kites and Diamonte Poems

Today we wrote our Cinquain Poetry for our tissue paper kites we had made last week. These are the poems that start out with 1 word, then 2 describing words, then 3 “ing” words, then 2 more describing words,  then 1 synonym to match the 1st word.  They are fun to do. A website for a Cinquain Poetry Lesson Plan HERE.

Spring Kite Art and Cinquain Poems
Flowers reaching…
Butterflies flying….

 The kids did everything from t Easter and Flowers to Soccer and Insects. Matt even did a hunting cinquain.
I had a Cinquain rough draft form they wrote their sloppy copies on. Then I took them and typed them up on the computer in a diamond shape.

First Grade Poetry

I will have to add Matt’s when I snap a picture of it. It was a hunting poem. He wasn’t quite done with his when I started taking pictures at recess. I’ll post his cute poem and Kate and Saige’s poem tomorrow. 

Cinquain Poems

Some were about flowers, some about Easter…

Then we cut them out in diamond shapes and glue them on a white kite form with a flower and a sun to decorate. Then we glued them to the back of our tissue paper kites.

Tulips swaying &  flowers dancing! 
Blooming flowers…

We did tissue paper art last week using the ” half glue, half water” painting on tissue paper method. Then we let them dry and placed a heavy literature book on them over the weekend to make the kites lay flat.

And growing flowers…

Hanging from the ceiling…don’t they look cute?

 Last week we had also written our spelling words 3 times each on little leftover strips of paper from our Spring flower project.  We made them into spelling chains and stapled them to the bottom of our kites for tails.  They look pretty cute!

Such pretty colors!

Here are our finished Spring Kites! We are really SOARING HIGH!