Dr. Seuss Day Activities

Dr. Seuss’ birthday is coming up this week. Our school is celebrating it on Wednesday.

Green Eggs and Ham is my favorite Dr. Seuss Story. I still recite it to whomever will listen. Would you, could you in a boat? Would you could you, with a goat? 
Gifts they gave out to the kids at school if they could answer one of the 20 questions….aren’t they cute? 

Thing 1 and 2 coming to our classroom last year to make us dance with them for Dr. Seuss Day. They read us stories too. Aren’t they super cute? 

Another favorite of young children is Hop On Pop! 

Another favorite Dr. Seuss book is Sneetches.  It’s fun to paint a yellow star on your face too! 

HERE at TPT  is a cute Alphabetical Order sheet that would be great for a center. I went looking for other centers and found a bunch!  Lots of really fun literacy sheets like nouns, a book reports, rhymes and odd and even math can be found HERE. 

A cute class graph to pick your favorite Dr. Seuss book ois HERE at TPT.  Thanks guys!

One Fish Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish woven fish we made for art, then we had a 4 minute race to see who could come up with the most short a words. We wrote them on the colorful squares. 
We made handprint cards with Thing 1 and Thing 2 and wrote messages inside them. 

Cute Cootie Catcher  I found at The Country Chic Cottage will be a lot of fun to cut out and play with on Dr. Seuss Day…..And here we made handprint Thing 1 and Thing 2 art cards. 

Read Across America oath on the back of our Cat in the Hat Hats! 
All the kids in America are reciting this oath at the same time on the same day! 

Our school always does something fun to celebrate Dr. Seuss! 

We have cake, and some funny characters come to visit classrooms dressed up! 

I had to snap this cute picture. What great make up, not to mention costumes! 

I remember reading this one to my kids many years ago! 
I wear my Cat in the hat hat and some suspenders for the day. Maybe I’ll put some whiskers on my face too! 

We do a classroom graphing of our favorite Dr. Seuss Books! 

Green Eggs and Ham is usually one of the favorites!  Then we go eat Green Eggs and Ham in the Cafeteria for lunch! 

When I taught first grade we would do a rhyme using “AT” words. 

This year, as we celebrate Dr. Seuss and his birthday and all his wonderful books, I think we’ll do a funny Mad Lib. Try this Dr. Seuss Fun MAD LIB is HERE!  

Thanks to this early character, Dr. Seuss became so successful, he has sold more than 44 books and illustrated most all of them. Thanks for all the good fun that is funny Theodor Geisel ! Happy Read Across America Day!