7 Things I Love!

In entering the blogging world we bloggers do what is called a “Linky Party” where we just get on each other’s blogs and talk. So here is a fun one I wanted to enter called “7 (non-teaching) Things I Love!”

1. I love my grandbabies. I thought for sure when I had grandkids that they would be boys, so I made up a grandkids room with a car theme, legos, action figures and hot wheels. Then I had 3 granddaughters! Go figure. But they are the sparkle in my life right now.

2. My Bear Lake cabin. I love to run away to my beautiful 3 bedroom cabin on a lake and read, refresh my mind and get peace from the hub bub world.

3. Reading. My favorite are usually biographies or memoirs. I love learning about other people and how they live their lives.But I love blogs, magazines, and fiction too.  It is one of my favorite pastimes.

A museum exhibit I loved made up of a gazillion BOOKS!

 4. Decorating and remodeling. I have to go in stages because it does get old, but I have been continually updating our house now for about 2 years. Next thing is making a headboard out of a door or shutters and knitting an afgan for the great room after we finished the wood floors! EEK!

Bathroom remodel…granite sink & countertop

 5. Flower gardens. I’m not saying I like gardening, I just love to SEE beautiful flower gardens. I aspire to having one but I’m currently a black thumb. But I do try. I love flower shops for the same reason.

My wannabe garden…

6. Cooking and trying out new recipes. I love the website allrecipes.com because each recipe is rated and that way you know you are getting a good one if 500 people said so. I love to cook too, but mostly I just love to eat good food.

Super Bowl party food I made…Brie with puff pastry and black bean salsa

 7. I love PEOPLE!  I love my family, my friends, kids, coworkers, parents, and people’s comments on my facebook posts and my blog. It’s fun to have lots of people in my life.

My family biking on dad’s birthday