Pumpkin Book Reports

I have a pumpkin on my front porch leftover from Halloween that I never did anything with. They were all so cheap the day after Halloween too. Well, one of my Teacher friends, Mrs. Lapadat,  had a fantastic idea and gave out an assignment to do PUMPKIN BOOK REPORTS! They were so Awesome!

I think this Scooby Doo Pumpkin Book Report was my favorite. It was just so funny and cute. 

Check them out! Everybody bought a pumpkin and decorated it like the main character in a favorite picture book! Here are my favorite ones. There were many!

I had not seen this picture book Very Brave Witch. It looked like a cute one though. 
Grumpy Cat was super cute. 

Substitute “Creacher” was a fun play on words. Loved the one eyed pumpkin. 

I think this one is Parts? The pumpkin’s eyeballs were too funny. 
Parts is a kid favorite! The tiny pumpkin cracked me up too. I guess 2 kids did the same book.

She invited me down to see them. That reminds me, I forgot to send a thank you note! EEK! I better have my kids do those tomorrow!

This was my funniest student from last year. And he did a funny pumpkin book report too! Hi Liam! 

The Big Hungry Bear Book Report had 2 pumpkins! Glitter added a lot too! 
They put the extra ones from the other classes into the library so we all could enjoy the Pumpkin Book Reports.
The Nutcracker was beautiful. I bet this one was a mom and me project! So pretty! 

I had never seen the book Hoogie in the Middle, but the pumpkin matched perfectly! Amazing! 

This Diary of a Worm is a fat little sucker isn’t he? haha….
Gotta love me some Cat in the Hat! This one was another one of my funniest students from last year. Hi Brody!  I loved his so much too! Everybody loves The Cat in the Hat! 

Another favorite Pumpkin Book Report of the students is Skippy John Jones…(don’t ask me why, I don’t get those books at ALL!) 

Didn’t they make a movie out of this one? I haven’t seen it yet, but those twinky cupcakes are everywhere! 

I loved how they used the stem for a witch nose in this pumpkin book report! 

This one looks so much like the book I wanted to take it home! It was one of my favs! There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly! 

 They read their stories to 2 kids at a time in a kind of round robin buddy reading activity for our class. The kids got to hear 3 to 4 stories in the half hour we were invited to come visit.

Ho Ho Ho! How Santa Got His Job! 

I bet this Rainbow Fish took lots of time to make! 
This one was a triple pumpkin teepee! Woopee! I loved it. What a fun time we had looking all these cute pumpkins over! 

They were the gosh darn cutest things I’d ever seen. I wish I would have thought of it! We all LOVED IT! Thanks 3rd Graders for some fun buddy reading!