Last Day of School

Well another school year is about to come to a close. My last day of school is tomorrow. WOO HOO

 We had a visit from our nice principal, Mr. Schofield, a few days ago to give our class their Prestigious Student Awards.  My whole class earned them! 
Too bad I can’t take everybody’s picture.

Andrew won a Perfect Attendance award that was handed out today…but guess what? He’s on vacation! 😀

Vera got a perfect attendance  award too! Woo Hoo!


Nova shook hands with Mr. Schofield…

Trace also won the “Moving Forward” principal’s award for super effort and progress all year….


Peter and Mr. Schofield…..

Matt with our Principal….

Addie with Mr. Schofield…

Joe won the SOAR Behavior award for his example of a very nice, kind student who is a great example of all those SOAR skills.  Safe inside school and outside, On Time and On Task, Accepts Responsibility for actions,  and Respects others and their property. Congrats Joe! 


I’ll be busy reading…..down at the beach……or at my Bear Lake Cabin…..see ya next year!    MRS. MOSS