Native Americans

Last week just before the Thanksgiving Break we finished our Native Americans. We had studied about the Woampanoag Indians and Squanto and Samoset, who helped the Pilgrims who came over on the Mayflower assimilate into the New World.

2nd Graders wrote about Squanto and the Woampanog Indians
Writing about Fall
All about Fall
Native American Art Project 

We learned about what the Indian men and women wore, and what their homes were like, and what kind of work each did. Then we learned about the pilgrim children’s chores and the indian children’s chores and how different they were.

We love many things about Fall! 
Lots of kids loved Thanksgiving and the other Fall Holiday. 
They wrote as if they were a Native American Boy or Girl, Man or Woman…..

They decorated their “Buffalo Skins” 
We added feathers and a headdress to the Indian designs….made from cardstock mosaic pieces….

We decided we probably didn’t want to be a pilgrim OR an indian child. They worked too hard!!!

They turned out neat….

I made some indian type designs on the board and they used those to make their “leather” outfits. The students were pretty proud of how they turned out….

And I think they learned a lot! 

Here are our Native American people. We wrote little introductions telling about ourselves as if we were living as an Indian during the time of the First Thanksgiving.

What do you think? 
Native American Bulletin Board….and Fall Writing….
Maybe they needed some arms and legs?  hmmmm? 
Squanto…he helped and lived with the Pilgrims for many years….
Have you ever seen a green eyed Indian….well here is one! 
Native Americans and Pilgrims….and the First Thanksgiving…

We also read Pilgrim Play about Squanto and some Weekly Readers and Scholastic News stories about the First Thanksgiving.  Now we are winding down November and looking forward to December! I can’t believe how this year has flown by already!