A Funny Story and Ugly Sweater Parties

Friday in my class we were doing turkeys for art. I was listening to the chit chat at one of the all-boy tables. It was quite hysterical. I just HAD to share the funny banter.  This is what it is like being a teacher. It will tickle your funny bone!

Downtown at Abravenal Hall to see the genius comic “Jim Gaffigan, Dad is FAT” show. 

“Hey Mrs. Moss did you know my mom is pregnant?” another child rebuts with “Hey MY dad is the President!!” another child “YOUR dad is American?” another child “My dad is the judge!” Another child says “Hey, but MY dad works at McDonalds, I saw him there when I was a little kid!” Everything went silent for a few seconds while the kids pondered that revelation…..

Funny Monkey stocking I saw yesterday at Hobby Lobby. It just cracked me up! I love Christmas stockings for kids. I’d buy a new set every year if I could! 

. I just HAD to stop and write it all down. 1 minute of kinder kid discussion and wit.  Unbelievable. These kids could be doing stand up comedy! They all stopped in awe of the lucky McDonald’s kid. Tee Hee. Oh this made me chuckle today! And #McDonalds, take note!

I was dinkin’ around Hobby Lobby yesterday and these ugly sweater party invitations and decorations caught my eye. HOW FUN IS THAT?!?  I want to have an Ugly Sweater Par-tay! I have plenty of them to decide between, that’s FOR SURE! (And I could dress the hubs up funny too, lol.)
Ugly Sweaters are the BOMB! I Agree! 
Cute Snowman in his ugly sweater holding your cookies for your Ugly Sweater Party… tee hee. Gotta Love it! 
Me and the hubs enjoyin’ life and laughing our guts out with Jim Gaffigan last week. Happy Holidays!!  And Happy Ugly Sweater Parties one and all!

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