To the Picasso of Mothers! Happy Mother’s Day!

                           Picasso’s Version

I love this art project.  Look up the website at this link HERE. Scroll down to first grade art projects. Look for this Picasso re-creation.  I have a story to go along with it.

 When Daniel, my youngest boy went to a gifted 1st grade class in  California, his gifted teacher Mrs. Seaton did this project for a Mother’s Day card.  I treasure this card so much. I love the handwritten message to me. It means even more because we lost this child when he was in a car accident 5 years ago.

 I never knew which of the masters this particular teacher had used as a model but I remember hearing that they had used a famous painter as inspiration. I loved the card so much.

I told that story to a parent helper one day 4 years ago just before Mother’s Day. We were just cutting out hand tracings for the Mother’s Day card..  She went out and bought the print of Picasso’s work that week, and the class parents presented it to me with a lovely note, a teacher bag with all the kids’ “finger” prints on it made into insects (I’m a science nut teacher and they all knew it) and a  gift certificate to my favorite store, Kohls.

Now, the Picasso copycat art…. it isn’t just a beautiful card that I got once from a very sweet little first grade son of mine; it is also a labor of love from parents who showed they cared about me, the teacher. I loved that gift from the heart and I treasure it.  And every year as we do our Mother’s Day cards I think of my little first grade Danny Moss. And I think of the parents and kids of my class of 2018 and I smile. You’ll be in my heart forever guys…  Happy Mother’s Day to all the fantastic moms out there! Enjoy your special day!