What Did YOU do for Spring Break?

This past week was my Spring Break from school. We are so lucky as teachers, to have this week off to veg out, get rejuvenated and play with our families and get some good reading in.

Josie and Grandma at Easter time….

Marisa turned 4 on the 20th so we went up to Discovery Children’s Museum at Gateway Mall. It was fun to follow the girls all around taking pics of them playing in the construction zone, the supermarket and the water and magnet centers. They even climbed up into the helicopter. So cute! We saw a lot of my students present and former there too. It’s a great day for a day off!

In the construction zone… they loved shoving fake bricks down the slide…

Megan engrossed in the playhouse furniture…

Marisa and Tiff in building blocks…

What’s more fun than splashing in the water wheels?

Marisa loved the post office….
Megan loved the little cars…
And the magnetic gear wall…

I’m making a yummy concoction guys….wanna sip of it? mmm nope.

Look what I can do!

 I got to read a lot too. I am working my way through the Sarah Palin’s “Going Rogue” and also Cristine Northrop’s book on The Wisdom of Menopause. Don’t laugh. It could happen to YOU too! It’s a great book recommended to me by my friend and college roommate. Yeah. now we are both old. It sucks.

Johnny and I on Easter….

So John and I heard it was FREE week for all the National Parks. And I had told him months ago we should go back and see Old Faithful the geyser at Yellowstone. It’s probably been 30 years since I’ve seen it…(I went there with an old boyfriend hehe). So we decided to go up to our cabin at Bear Lake and stay the night and then get up (after making John’s famous waffles) and drive to Jackson Hole.

We had to stop and snap this gorgeous scene on the way to Yellowstone last week….
We saw water fowl…and beautiful scenery…

It is a fun touristy place with lots of beautiful (and very expensive) shops and museums. I guess a lot of celebrities have places near Yellowstone. John kept telling me Harrison Ford has a place nearby. (I’d like to go see Harrison….yeah…love him….didn’t he marry Ally McBeal?)  Anyway, we had lunch there at the Great Harvest Bread Company. We live high off the hog you know.  Then we took some fun pictures around town. They have lots of artsy sculptural designs in bronze. I’d love a bronze in my front yard…yeah…in another life. Those things are thousands of dollars!

Jackson Hole had neat bronze statues…
Don’t ya love it…Bruce just does his own thing…when we’re trying to take pictures!
Antler arches….some nice tourists took our picture for us!

I felt very confident in going to Yellowstone because I had made maps and gone on the Internet to be sure the gates were open and stuff like that.  I handed all that stuff over to my navigator husband….who left them on his desk at home. Um hum…..I shoulda left them in my purse.

Yummy lunch at Great Harvest….

Mark Twain is behind me….

 I distinctly recall seeing that the gates open on April 15th when I checked Yellowstone’s website. So why didn’t they tell us ONLY the west entrance was open. We drove to the South entrance of course. And all these cars were turning around in front of us. What the heck?

We saw a couple of Moose!

Johnny was so much fun to be with….he makes me laugh….
I shot a rainbow as it started sprinkling…you can barely see it tho….
Pretty lake in Teton forest just outside of Yellowstone Park….

Well, we decided to go take some pretty pictures around the Teton forest and around this lake, I can’t remember what it is called. We saw 2 moose, some water fowl, and a few rainbows as it started to lightly rain. We listened to that new country/crossover brother-sister band called The Band Perry. I decided that I LOVE all their music! We are going to go get tickets this Friday when tickets go on sale for Tim McGraw because they are his lead in band. And they are coming to the new West Jordan concert place. We had a great time hanging out together with Brucie our doggie.

Bruce is bored…but he doesn’t want to miss a thing we are talking about….he leaned on my headrest most of the ride!
It was a really fun day hanging out with my 2 men. I LOVE time off. It makes life worth LIVIN!  Mmmhmmm…. Happy Spring!