Pigs Will Be Pigs and Money Piggy Banks (Project Based Learning)

We are finishing our money unit this week and I gave some tests. Now I want to do a math extension using PROJECT BASED LEARNING. Our kid-lovin’ theme is PIGS!

Piggie Pie by Margie Palatini

FIRST off I ordered the book PIGGIE PIE and downloaded the reader’s theater format (since we are on a reader’s theater kick). So while reading the parts in this 4 paged, VERY cute choral reading reader’s theater, I was showing the pictures on the doc camera. Here it is Piggie Pie at Grandview Library.

I think this little CAMO PIG is hilarious! Oink! 

Piggy Bank Art and Math Writing…

I just bought The Princess and the Pig at the Book Fair, but haven’t read it yet. And I love Pigs A Plenty, Pigs Galore! It’s another really cute book we will read this week! 
Money Activities – we made our own piggy banks and wrote what we would buy with our money! hmmm….I wouldn’t mind a robot maid….HEY a girl can dream….haha… 

2nd Grader Piggy Banks full of fake money.

Money Rap and Money Poems we snapped to….

We sang this cool MONEY RAP while snapping our fingers. The coin poem goes along with the Big Books I made up and we read those too. I keep forgetting to take a pic of them!

If You Give a Pig a Pancake is such a cute book! It’s one of my favs. 

 If You Give a Pig a Pancake by Laura Numeroff.

How Much Money is in your Piggy Bank?
Money Math Activities 

Then I passed out a piece of paper with a pig coloring page and asked the kids to color it and then cut out 5 to 10 coins out of a piece of coin paper. We read Pigs Will Be Pigs by Amy Axelrod. It’s all about Pigs and how they spend their money. It is hilarious and the kids always love it. It’s perfect for the next part of our Project Based Learning.

This book, Pigs Will Be Pigs, is a kid favorite to do with a money math unit. 

 On top of the coin page was the phrase “HOW MUCH MONEY IS IN MY PIGGY BANK?“. They cut that out and glued it to the top of their papers. Then they went to work cutting out the coins they wanted. The minimum was 5 and the maximum was 10 (differentiation). Then they had to glue the coins onto the pig’s belly, add up the amount and put it in the bottom, right hand corner. We covered these answers by taping a 2 inch piece of construction paper to the answer and drawing a question mark on top.

This one was pretty creative…..if there are circle shaped noses, why not put coins on them? hmm…? 

HERE is a TPT activity  from Hooty’s Homeroom that is free to copy and download. It will make an easy flap book with the picture of the coins on top. I make these a lot because they only take one piece of paper. And it is a fun writing center idea.

Another fun song to sing or poem to read. 

HERE on Pinterest I found Some printables for money.
HERE  is a cute money boardgame that is free and printable from Peterson’s blog. It would be GREAT as a center game for the week. Kids love this game!

It’s funny to see what they think some coins will buy….I’d buy a castle too! Who wouldn’t! 
Piggy Bank Writing Project……Who wouldn’t love a pony?  I would! 

Then we did our regular Envision math page and then recess. After recess,when everyone was done with their pigs, we went around to everybody’s table and tried to figure out their money question with our white boards. They had to choose at least 5 to do. When we got the answers we pulled up the question mark tab to see if we were correct. The kids love this activity and I do it every year. A cute pig puppet is HERE at Making Learning Fun. The pig is on the first page out of four.

But you just HAVE to have a pig with stars on it….stars make every living thing look better! Woot! 

The last thing we did was write about our coin totals, and what we’d buy with our money! Those coins can buy lots of good loot!  Also, we have been reading Charlotte’s Web, and with all of the other pig stories we read, we might have to do some pig stories later in the week. OINK!