Things I bought for Back to School

I’ve had a steady drop off of brown boxes from Mr. Postman.  I’ve been naughty and have been online shopping WAY TOO MUCH for back to school.  I will show you what fun things I bought.

Pattern Block Stickers are such a fun activity to do. Kids love making designs out of them using the yellow hexagon for the middle on black construction paper 10 inch squares. They turn out so beautiful too! They are $9.99 at most of the online teacher sites. You can find them in the math section. They last for about 4 years and I’ve gotten at least  5 years worth of class sets out of one $9.99 pack. The “stick” runs out before the stickers do!

Then I wanted to add to my health unit on germs and handwashing. I heard from another blogger about this “germ powder” that you can buy that shows “dirty hands” under a black light. I am going to use this to show kids how hard it is to keep hands clean and germ free.


The website for a kids lesson plan for the grade of your choice from 1st through 6th grade is at the Glow Germ website HERE. I have some cute literature to go along with it too; Germs Make Me Sick is a great one I purchased a few years ago and the kids love it. 

Another fun resource is a Utube and a Red Cross demonstration by Scrubby Bear. You’ll have to google it to see if the Red Cross does it in your town. And a cute UTUBE link on handwashing I found is above. It is pretty cute too.

Another thing I bought was Giant PIXIE STIX from Costco for $13.00 a package.  I use these for birthday gifts. I just attach a giant cardstock round balloon to the top that says Happy Birthday on it.  They look really colorful in a giant green vase on top of my filing cabinets. Kids can’t wait to get theirs.

I put the “balloons” in a large vase like this.
Pixy Stix  Giant Variety  50 ct
The Pixie Stix are about 2 1/2 feet long so it’s a NICE Student Birthday Gift!

Balloon Coloring PageThe link to the Costco Giant Pixie Stix is HERE.

  They look kind of like these balloons here on top. The “string” to the balloon is the giant Pixie Stix.  I found a blackline master for a balloon at  Twisty Noodle HERE.  Just blow it up to 81/2 x 11 and add text ” Happy Birthday” to the inside and then copy 25 or so on many different colors of cardstock. Then cut them out, staple them to a Pixie Stix, and add some colorful curling ribbon to the “balloon lip”. They turn out soooooo colorful and cute!