Brown Bear Brown Bear Teddy Bear Picnic

Here the kids are getting all ready to run over to the bounce houses on field day on the last day of school. There was also a giant parachute we played with. 

It is the last week of school and the end of my year teaching kindergarten. I have loved it. It is like trying to keep a lid on popping popcorn!! Yup. I wasn’t that successful at keeping the lid on, but we had a lot of fun every day!

This is the little Patriotic Bear I painted and put on a wreath on my front door. I added a little flag and some stars and flowers too. 

I love the book Brown Bear, Brown Bear. It is perfect for Kindergarten. They know most of their color words and can read the simple text from the story since it is so repetitive.

These were the 3 funny 6th grade teachers who dressed up all in the 50s for the dance festival the last day of school. haha. They looks so cute. Our class danced to Ball in the Jack. We rocked it! 

So for the Teddy Bear Picnic that I usually have at the end of the year we will do some Brown Bear Activities. Here are a few I came up with that are lots of fun.

We went into the gym and watched a Disney movie and ate popcorn after field day. FUN! 

1. ART – MAKE A BEAR WITH MOVEABLE ARMS AND LEGS or just a Bear HAT- We are only using the head this year to make a hat. It is HERE. The arms and legs if you want a jointed bear are on this page HERE at Virtual Vine along with a gazillion other great resources. Look under the quilt for 3 printable body parts. It turns out cute but takes a while for the kids to color. Or make a Bear Hat. Use a Bear coloring page and just use the head and a brown strip of construction paper to go around heads.

We made this Brown Bear only we didn’t make it into a hat. We made Bear puppets on a stick instead. But we’ve made these in past years. HERE is a cute art bear from Girl Scouts of USA.

2. SHARED READING – Read the Book Brown Bear, Brown Bear. Make a necklace after coloring all the brown bear characters. Add pony beads in between each character on yarn for a cool and colorful Brown Bear Necklace. Perfect art activity for kindergarten. Free printable is HERE. Or you could make a fruit look necklace and add the characters in between several fruit loops. That’s fun too.

Read the book together with the Youtube of Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do You See? It is a cute one.

3. PHONICS – Matching Center “Rhyme Time” Activity after reading the book Bear Says Thanks. HERE. There is also a writing activity and a cut and paste freebie. A cute mini books for $3.00 is HERE at TPT.  A free version is HERE at TPT. Thanks gals!

There are always activities you can do with addition and subtraction using counter bears and a number line. 

4. MATH – Fun Brown Bear “counting the characters” cut and paste math activity great for kindergarten. It is a freebie on TPT HERE.

Holding our Teddy Bear Puppets and puzzles. 

5. PICTURES – Take a picture with your Teddy Bear. I also found a picture
frame to color and put a picture inside with the bear hats and their teddy bears they brought for the read-a-thon.  It is cute. Check it out HERE.

You can always do a Bear art project using lots of brads and brown paper. We didn’t have a lot of time so we made bear heads on a stick (puppets) instead. They were cute. 
This is my little patriotic bear and Uncle Sam on my entryway table. I’ve got all my red, white and blue stuff out for July. I got the little stars and stripes (the red and white one is to the right but you can’t see it in this pic) buckets from the Dollar Tree. 

6. Read-a-Thon with Bear books. After doing all of our BEAR activities we will do a read-a-thon with our Teddy Bears we’ve brought from home. Then we will have a picnic with hot dogs, root beer floats, chips and gummy bears of course. Then we will go outside and draw bears with sidewalk chalk. It should be a very fun Teddy Bear Picnic this year.

Here’s the hubs and I at Yellowstone visiting one of the fun gift shops in Jackson Hole. We usually go to our cabin at Bear Lake the weekend I’m off of school to unwind. And we usually take a short tip up there or some town close by. 

7. Writing our own Brown Bear Brown Bear innovations. “I see a red fish (or Blue Bird) looking at me”. OR….Each child can write about things that are brown. “Brown can be a bear, a hamburger, a chocolate bar and a coconut.”  Brainstorm on the board a list of brown things for them to choose from. This is an especially good idea for ESL kids who need language experiences.

Field Day and Teddy Bear Picnic on the last day of school. 

We came back in the classroom after field day and ate hot dogs, chips, cookies and drinks. It was fun to have a picnic with our Teddy Bears! Teddy Bear Picnics are the bomb! The last day of school was sure lots of fun. Have a great summer everybody!