Minion Art Projects for Kids

 I thought Kindergarten could make some cute little minions from the movie Despicable Me. I’ve seen them so often on cupcakes, so I thought about doing them in blue and yellow construction paper!

The Minions turned out great….they chose how many eyes theirs would have and how many teeth! 

Cute little Minions art project turned out fun and funny! 

I had an idea for a cute banner too…..”Mrs. Moss’ class has a Minion reasons to love Kindergarten!”

Classroom Bulletin Board for August. I am late in getting it on my blog but we also added the personality plants to the bottom.

I LOVED these minions made into a bulletin board. But look at these CUPCAKES! I have GOT. TO. HAVE!

Minion Cupcakes via Gallamore West
Minion cupcakes are too Cute! ( by Gallamore West) Yumm. 

Kindergarteners are pretty good artists! 
And we sure had fun making them!