Bremen Town Musicians

This week’s Reading Streets literature story is The Bremen Town Musicians. I thought it might be fun to do a simple puppet show retell.  My class are very good readers and would put a lot of drama in their retelling using lots of expression.

Coloring page can be found HERE at on

At Haynes Marionettes  is a cute printable puppet head collection. I will use 3 of the puppets and adjust the 4th puppet to be a horse. A fun FLASH story interactive for the kids to read along with  is HERE.

Anyway, we did a lot of fun acting today while reading The Bremen Town Musicians.  has a cute coloring page that you could use to add math facts to or just as a fast finisher or a retell. The possibilities are ENDLESS!!  .

You could also do cereal box puppets. We did those last year covering a cereal box with construction paper and making stick puppets to retell a story. Here are some pictures. The link is for Cereal Box Puppets is here for you to check it out.  It’s fun to do a puppet show as a retell too. Yeah! 

Some interactions and some other games can be found HERE.