A poster I made up of how a fossil is formed….using dinosaur bones as our topic….kids LOVE  dinos so much! 

 In our Science rotation our class is learning about Rocks and fossils from Mrs. Bray. The students made conglomerate “sedimentary” rocks by adding sand and pebbles to a clear cup and adding glue. It was really creative and fun!

This week we made plaster of paris fossils of dinosaurs and shells. 
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Fossils of Long Ago book on Amazon is HERE.
Here’s a close up of our fossils…..

 On online interative game with dinosaurs and fossils and how a fossil is formed can by played HERE at ABC Net.

I’ve collected lots of fossils and books on fossils and dinosaurs  over the years… 

 A cool website for fossil activities is HERE at Valdosta. They have lots of good info on fossils.

Some books and microscope slides I have at our fossil center….Students love looking through our mini microscopes….

Everybody’s fossils look a little bit different…

 Mrs. Moss has real fossils and tons of dinosaur and fossil books at our Science Center.

Doesn’t it look like a lot of fun? Well…yeah…it was.