How Do We Spend The First Half Hour of the Day?

I teach a gifted group. So they can really take some acceleration. I like to go a year ahead with grammar and  language and math workbooks.  Here are some of my favorites that I love and I believe in.

One is called ARITHMETIC DEVELOPED DAILY or ADD. It is kind of an unfortunate name for the series because parents are always raising their eyebrows when the see the acronym. But then I explain and they are okay. I love this series because it is a spiral review of all they learn and it keeps spiraling back so they never forget the concepts you’ve taught them.  If you want to check them out they are inexpensive and worth every penny. The link is HERE for Grow Publications ADD.

This is what it looks like….I do one of these 3 sections a day.  

The other thing I love about it is a daily word problem, although it does not show the reading part of the word problem above…it is to the right, not pictured. So as students do the daily word problems, they  learn the “key words” for addition and subtraction.

 The last thing I love is it has 2 questions of mental math where they have nothing in front of them but lines for the answer. They have to listen, mentally figure, and write down the sum or totals. It helps with those kids who need listening practice too.

 The other workbook I love is kind of  Daily Oral Language. It has lots of grammar, punctuation, spelling and language practice. The link for the Evan Moore Grade 2 book for Language  I’ve used is HERE. Above there is also a link to buy it on Amazon. I use these 2 books every morning for the first half hour of the day. The 2nd half hour of the day I’ll share tomorrow.