Halloween Art 3D Jack o Lanterns

We stuffed a bunch of pumpkins and made a 3D Pumpkin Patch for Art today. 
The students made their own Jack o Lantern faces out of black construction paper. I drew a few ideas on the board. 

 The Halloween Art looks pretty up on the bulletin board. The kindergarteners wrote about what they are going to be for Halloween.

Zombies were popular. I wonder if they know about the Zombie Apocalypse? 

Hey there’s a blue pumpkin! Gotta love an original! 
I might be a witch too! 

 My classroom is all decorated up. I love Halloween. It’s my very favorite holiday.

I haven’t started reading the Halloween books yet. I have a dozen to put out though. We’ll have to read Runaway Pumpkin now that our pumpkin faces are all done. 

These two look kind of sad. It is funny how they almost have expressions!!
There were many girls who want to be Elsa from Frozen of course. She is going to be VERY popular this year! 
Jack o lantern 3D art. 

I think this is Darth Vader. 

The Transformers were popular costume choice too! 
And so were Ninja Turtles. The boys love those Saturday morning cartoons don’t they? (chuckle) 

  Happy Halloween Everybody! Hope you get the costume you always wanted! And if not, at least get the candy!

 But the final question is…..what will YOU be for Halloween?