School Rules Acrostic Poetry

 A great way to start kids thinking and learning about the SCHOOL RULES is making a School Bus out of yellow, painted, tops of egg cartons or just some yellow construction paper bus shaped.

Our School Buses and Acrostic School Rules Poems. 

Every year teachers start the year going over the rules at school. Here is a fun way I like to do it after teaching the kids our school’s 4 easy rules. SOAR is the acronym we use.

This year I have 30 students so I skipped painting the egg carton tops yellow like we did last year, and just used yellow construction paper buses, 2 black wheels with white circle stickers on them and a brad for wheels, a stop sign copied on red paper and pictures of the kids on a black strip of paper.

Here were our cute school buses. It’s hard for kids to cut those wheels perfectly round though. I should have punched them out for them, maybe? The white stickers on top and the brads make them look like real wheels. 

Then we do an acrostic poem about school and the rules. 

  I copied these cute School Bus Bookmarks with jokes on them. The link is at Activity Village. The kids enjoyed hearing the jokes but some went over their heads. 😀 Then I had the kids do an acrostic poem after we brainstormed ways to write some of the school rules within sentences starting with S-C-H-O-O-L.  They did a pretty good job.

We added our kid pictures that I took with Photobooth as the kids sat in a chair facing forward with a yellow paper background, with faces turned toward me. (like they were riding on a bus)
They each chose 3 friends, and their own picture and glued them to a strip of black construction paper.

Acrostic School Rules. The stationery is from Scholastic. Get it on Amazon HERE. It’s Back to School Stationery.
Yellow School Buses with Acrostic Poetry turned out pretty cute. 
We brainstormed words that begin with the letters S-C-H-O-O-L.

Then the kids added round black wheels with white stickers and a brad. We talked about all the school rules and why we have them. And they tried to incorporate phrases  of our SOAR SCHOOL RULES into some of the letters of the acrostic SCHOOL poem.

I found some funny jokes online and we added them to some cute bus papers…..

At ABC Teach  is another cute bus blackline you might like. 

Our SOAR SCHOOL RULES ARE; 1. Safe inside and out 2. On Time and On Task 3. Accept Responsibility 4. Respect Self, Others and Property. Learn Create Love had a really cute printable for making a yellow school bus. So I cut yellow paper out in a bus shape and after we painted the tops of the egg cartons we added the yellow bus shape to make it 3D.

We have a Principal’s award at our school called “Something
to Celebrate” which is a little certificate they all try to win every week. It means they
get to go play a game of tag with him on Friday. 

Then I found this cute School Stationery with a school bus and lots of kids on it.  So I had the kids rewrite their sloppy copies of their acrostic  S C H O O L poems after I edited them.

School Bus art with SCHOOL ACROSTIC POEMS. Here’s what the egg carton buses look like painted yellow. They are a lot more involved but pretty cute too. 

They turned out really cute. What do you think?