Bill Nye The Science Guy Mammal and Reptile and Bird Research Reports

We did mammal, reptile and bird reports these past 2 weeks. The kids did a great job finding facts out of their library books and sharing facts with each other and form the folders of animal printouts and cards I have in my stash.

Reptile Reports 
3 reptiles were brought to school by Kam’s mom. 

We had Kam’s mom come show us his bearded dragon and 2 of his snakes! Very Cool! 

Bearded Dragon got “puffed up” from 30 2nd graders observing it! So cute! 

Snakes! EEK!  

This corn snake was really pretty. The kids loved touching it! 

Snake ART and Reptile Reports 

 We made snakes out of butcher paper and decorated them with washi tape and sticker dots and added a forked, red, tongue and eyes. Then we attached the poem “Black Snake” to the back.

Here is a cute poem by Shel Silverstein about being eaten by a Boa Constrictor….

This cute chart and picture are taken from KinderGals Blog HERE.

Then we make a giant matrix of all the types of animals and fill it in as we learn about them; 1. Amphibians, 2. Mammals, 3. Reptiles, 4. Birds, 5. Fish/Ocean Animalso, 6. Insects. By the end of the study we have done a report on each type. It’s great fun! 

Each week I set out a new stash of books and weekly readers so kids can get facts from them. But we also have the internet and library books they have checked out for the week. 

Then we edited (30 kids worth of editing is no picnic, I can tell you that!) and rewrote on our choice of cool paper. Then we illustrated each by tracing some of Mrs. Moss’ cool animal coloring pages. These turned out really beautiful. I loved all of their reports. Next we are doing birds and ocean animals. It takes us about a month to do all 5 animal kingdoms (we previously did amphibians and insects).

Check them out. They are very cool. Good job guys!

Turtle report and illustration…….

We used colorful paper in the students’ choice for final copies….

We also did birds and mammal reports on different weeks….

Animal Research Reports 

Here is how I did it. I taught them about topic sentences and that they should be kind of like the “main idea” of the report. Then we had details in 3 kinds of paragraphs or groupings. We did 1. what they look like, 2. what they eat, 3. where they are found, and 4. what length and weight they come in. Then they just added interesting facts. Like Jeremy found out that alligators lift up their tails and “stinker” when they want to attract a mate. Hmmm…..that wouldn’t work for me, how about you? haha.

All the kids thought that one was hysterical! Animals do the strangest things!