Halloween Party

Mrs. Moss…..the ladybug…..

First and Second Grade parading through our classroom

Then we paraded through the First Grade classrooms…..

Cute Nova….I think she was a lady vampire….

And Meow! Maya the cute kitty cat…

Pretty Princess Emma…we made Halloween treat bags….

And Royal Purple Allie…we had candy corn bags, witches and Dracula bags and Frankie bags…

Yo Ho, Yo Ho….I think Trace was a Pirate….

Ninja Alien Andrew

Flint loved being an army man…with REAL dog tags! 
Mario and the witches showing off their Halloween necklace making skills….

Pin the spider on the web and hot potato pumpkin….

Boo Bingo was fun! 

Ty was an indian

Zach was Harry Potter…..

Morgan and her mom were some COOL cats! Cute Dracula bag Morgan! 

Mrs. Moss and her little bugs…..

Megan and Marisa my granddaughters came to trick or treat! 

It was a fun party…..

We also had a pumpkin bean bag toss and donuts and juice from the PTA! 

Mario Matt….

Cute witch Brynlin….

and Addie was a cute version of the  Bride of Frankenstein 

Saige’s mom sewed her costume….so cute! 

And who ya gonna call? Ghostbuster Gavin! 

 We had a fun time.  Thanks to Mrs. Kenner, Mrs. Neibaur and her sister, and Mrs. Carr for helping us at our party! You ROCK! And thanks to Jamie Sandstrom and Mrs. Kim for sending some cute Halloween cookies, and to all the parents who sent bags of candy! Thanks sooooo much for supporting our party!

And if you want to see a cute utube of me and my family doing the “Thriller Park City” flash mob, check out my personal blog post from Saturday night.  It was super fun!  Click HERE.    Happy Halloween!