Halloween Art Projects!

    I LOVE the fall season the very best. Mostly because I LOVE Halloween, the decorations, the parties, the costumes…I love it all.  So the fall craft magazines when they come out are some of my favorites.  I have stacks of them I’ve saved over the years.  I’ve made so many different crafts over the years too.

Here are some that I think would be fun and easy and cheap for teachers to do in their classrooms. They don’t take a lot of materials, mostly paint and paper.  And some recycled things.
But hey, that’s good for the environment, right?

This Frankie craft is from Inspire Me Crafts

Milk Jug Ghost Halloween Decoration
These milk jug luninaries are from Family Fun
Jill Dubien always has some cute art ideas….

Halloween Gift Tags for free at Click Party HERE.

A link to a cute Halloween Bingo and Match Game is HERE.

I like to do a few weeks at Halloween of each of the different fun icons of Halloween and make up a day for each one and do some thematic fun and educational activities.  I do a ghost, pumpkin, witch, Frankenstein, bats and skeleton days.    Most days have a math game, a poem, a writing project, an art and some kind of word work too. Sometimes our math has an element of “witchiness or a Frankie or two….”

Then since I ALWAYS connect writing to whatever art we are doing we decided to do some Slogan poems
on Red Ribbon Week using these fun gravestones.  We all want to be drug free, that’s for sure.  Here are our funny SLOGANS FOR STAYING OFF DRUGS.  

Red Ribbon Week Activities

Staying Away from Drugs Slogans….

We added some Halloween punch outs to our Red Ribbon Week Gravestones….

The students had their choice of ACROSTIC PUMPKIN POEMS, or APOLOGY POEMS this month too. The apology poems turned out quite hilarious.  We saw apology poems on some teacher blogs and decided to try them. We read through about a dozen and the kids had lots of ideas.  The Acrostic poems are some I do every season. They are always great and easy to complete.

Halloween Apology Poetry….

So Funny! 

I read a few to them from another 2nd grade blog…..they got the idea….

Apology Poems sure were funny….

It was easy to do too once they had read a few examples….

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!  I found a link to a huge cache of Halloween poetry and songs. You can fine it at kidnkaboodle.

Funny Sayings…..

Time for a coffin break.

Have a beary scary Halloween
Gone haunting.  Will return at midnight.
I witch you a Happy Halloween
May our best witches go with you
Mummy’s little monster (under child’s picture)
You’re so boooo-tiful!

Remember the gh’oul times!
Time for a coffin break.
Have a beary scary Halloween
Gone haunting.  Will return at midnight.
I witch you a Happy Halloween
Trick or Treat! Give me something good to eat. Give me candy. Give me cake. Give me something sweet to take!
May our best witches go with you!  

Mrs. Moss’ 2nd Graders October 2011