A Person I Treasure

Here’s a little person I treasure…my granddaughter Meg…such a sweetie to me…

I love to get kids to write about people in their lives. They always have something really special to say. Our March “A Person I Treasure” writings to go along with our rainbows and “pots of gold” art are something I came up with when I found this cute “treasure chest” stationery.  

Lots of kids wrote about a brother or a sister…

And then I thought about adding lots of sequins and jewels to the chest for an art experience to decorate the treasure chest. It seems like when I add a simple art experience for motivation to finish a writing project I get a lot better results. Even if kids are not excited about writing are motivated to get to the fun part afterwards.

I know a lot of the kids really LOVED their pets and wrote about pets…

  I had 12 extra kids in my morning writing class so it took a while to edit 30 kids’ writing but we got ‘er done! Ye Hah! Here are their darling thoughts…..many about cherished pets.

And I think the majority of kids wrote about their moms….

Gotta love a good cat! 

This cracked me up….I love my mom because she’s not very strict….darling! 

And who wouldn’t treasure a “hysterical best friend?”  I would! 

Some wrote about friends in the class too…isn’t that sweet? 

Ty wrote about his dad….I loved reading that too….really special! 

We did a sloppy copy first, then a teacher edit…then rewrote on nice paper…

They had to do a picture of themselves, and the person they treasured….

Then they had to decorate the treasure chest….don’t ya love this rainbow chest?
Maybe a future design star in the making….
Here some more peeps that I treasure….my hubs and my youngest granddaughter Josie…so cute! 
What can I say? I’m a doting grandma!