Turkey Art Project from Colored Paper

One way to make really cute animals of any kind is to figure out some wacky looking eyeballs. I found a few cute and free printables for eyeballs that just MAKE these Thanksgiving Turkeys!

Turkey Art Project for Kinder Kids

I started by cutting out strips of 6 colors of butcher paper; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple. We did all the colors of the rainbow. I cut them approximately 2 inches by 10 or 11 inches. If the kids are kinder age or younger, the shorter strips are easier for them to manipulate. If you have older kids you can go longer, maybe 14 inches.

Cut strips 2 inches by 11 inches for a small TURKEY art project. 

After cutting strips fold and glue the edges into “raindrop” shapes. 

Then we took each strip and made it into a “raindrop” shape by taking the two ends and gluing them together. We did that to all 6. Then we took 2 circles of brown for the head and body and glued them together. If your kids are young, glue them together for them before you start the project. I glued the kinder kids’ together before school started.

Turkey Art Project 

Cute Turkey Art for Kindergarten. 

I cut the 2 circles about 4 1/2 inches and 6 inches. Then we cut orange, triangle shaped beaks. I had about 10 styles of eyeballs for the kids to cut out. I got the eyeballs and I found, while looking for some eyeballs to download, some cute faces I could use for fast finishers HERE at Dabbles and Babbles. Kids LOVE putting faces on blank heads! This will make a great bribe to get a math quiz finished!

The eyeballs I found are HERE at Flamingo Toes. Another one I found HERE at Kiki Creates blog. Another blogger had such a cute post using wiggly eyeballs for a class behavior motivator. Her darling post is Here at Teacher to the Core. Check her printable eyeballs out HERE. Zombie eyeballs Here on TPT.

I had this book full of Eyeballs galore to choose from for our Thanksgiving Turkeys! 

Yellow Accordian legs 1/2  inch by about 10 or 11 inches and the feet I just cut out of orange construction paper. 

I have a book I bought years ago with black and white eyeballs that I also used. I will see if I can design something myself to add to this post. If you want you could also used wiggly eyes from the craft store instead. Oh and we added a red “waddle” or “gobble” or whatever you call it under the beak.

Kindergarten Turkey Art for Thanksgiving 

Anyway, glue the “feathers” on the back of the turkey in rainbow color order. (Red, orange, yellow, green, blue purple).  Add the eyeballs and beak. We added legs in yellow folded accordian style, and then feet cut out in orange. Older kids could cut out their own feet. I did 3 rectangular shaped toes on the orange feet.

My Class (minus a few who don’t want to be in pictures) with their Construction Paper Turkeys for Thanksgiving! 

Here are our finished colorful Thanksgiving Turkeys! Gobble Gobble!
Then we wrote what we are thankful for this year, after doing a whole class brainstorm on the board. The kindergarten kids wrote 4 things each, that they were thankful for, and they all had to start with the sight word “MY” for practice. We came up with things like “My home, my friends, my dog, my cat, my mom, my dad, my family, my video games, my dolls”. HERE is some cute Stationery to write on. It is below and is free.

I love this Veggie Turkey for Thanksgiving Day. Isn’t it so cute? Gotta try it! 

 I found the cute printables for many kinds of writing projects for Thanksgiving. I loved them all. The link is HERE at TPT on Debbie Palacios site.

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody! 
Gobble Gobble! 

Lastly we played some Pilgrim and Pumpkin Roll and Cover games HERE at TPT.  I loved this one with the Old Lady Who Swallowed “Too Much Turkey and Pumpkin Pie” for Thanksgiving. It has a really cute visual for adding up 2 dice. It is HERE at Mrs. Lirettes Learning Blog. My kids LOVED playing it during center time. Have a nice Thanksgiving Holiday everyone! Gobble Gobble.

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