Leprechaun Music and P.E. Games

We did St. Patrick’s Day for 2 days this year. We spent the first day doing language arts and math activities. the 2nd day we did Science, P.E. and a fun Word Bingo game.  Here are the P.E. games we’ve done this whole week and some silly songs. This would go great typed up on the back of our math facts wheels we did for math. Too bad I didn’t think of it till now. 😀

A fun song  we sing  is L U C K Y and it is sung just like the B I N G O Song and tune.  I know a chap with a fuzzy beard and LUCKY is his name-O. (spell) Lucky, Lucky, Lucky and Lucky is his name-O. He hides his gold at the rainbow’s end and Lucky is his name-O. Lucky Lucky, Lucky and Lucky is his name-O.

I found a cute teacher blog idea with a baggie of colored licorice and some gold coins for a cute leprechaun treat and the label toppers can be found in this LINK here and HERE at the It is what it is blog. I loved it….so cute!

Leprechaun poems on our calendar wall…

Emma’s workin on her math facts wheel…

P.E. Games
I’m in charge of P.E. for this month in the first grade so we will do a few fun games in the gym. One is called Hide the Shamrock. Cut out one shamrock shape. Hide it in the room. Have a chair in the center of the room. The children should look for the shamrock, then the first child to find the shamrock sits in the chair. The child in the chair then goes to get the shamrock, the other children hide their eyes and the child hides the shamrock, and the process is restarted.

More St. Patrick’s Day Games

Another fun game is called Lucky Charms. It is played like “Fruit Basket”. Have each student sit in a chair in a circle. Give each child a name 1. Horseshoes, Clovers, Hearts, Diamonds, Moons. Then have 1 child in the center call out one of the 5 shapes. All those kids that are that 1 shape have to switch places. The student in the middle goes to find one of the chairs. So there is 1 less chair and one will be the odd man out. They do the 2nd round by standing in the middle and calling out a new shape. If you call out Lucky Charms, all the kids change places. That’s super fun. Only rule is you MUST move to a new chair you can’t stay put.

Matt’s writing his Happy St. Patrick’s Day letter….

Song is sung to the tune of “I’m a Little Teapot”

 A third game is 4 Corners. Get 2 of the Tropicana 1/2 gallons of orange juice and use them up and rinse them out.  Cut each of them off to look like the bottom is a square. Then slit the sides a little and push both bottoms together to make a cool looking cube. It will make a very sturdy DICE.

Fun St. Patrick’s Day Games…

 Cover each of the 6 sides with green construction paper. Or use the colors of the rainbow; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple.  Then I find a clip art of the Lucky Charms symbols;purple horseshoe, pink heart, orange star, yellow moons, green clovers, red hearts. Then tape them up to the sides real good with book tape. It will look kind of laminated.

Leprechaun game is laminated with lots of book tape….

The game is played just like 4 corners only I have the middle of the room be the 5th corner and the stage at school is the 6th corner (since the dice have 6 sides). I call out “Choose your corner!” and they go to one of the places and each is marked with a paper having corresponding picture to the dice side. One corner is purple diamond, one corner is pink heart, yellow moon, green horseshoe, etc. Then I roll the big dice. It is fun to watch it roll around before it stops. The picture showing on top is the group that is OUT! They take their places on the circle in the middle of the room and watch the action. It’s a really fun game.

My daughter made this wonderful rainbow cake for her daughter’s birthday.

Isn’t it an amazing Rainbow cake? I had to include it…She is so amazing!

Here’s my little Granddaughter Megan with her Birthday cake! So cute!

I hope you enjoyed our St. Patrick’s Day activities!  Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I hope you all find the pot of gold at the end of your rainbows.  Or just get a cool rainbow birthday cake this year.  : ()  

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  1. Thank YOU! It's always a lot of fun and the kids love running from corner to corner. It's funny to hear the big "awwwww" when their corner gets out too…..snicker…..

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