St. Patrick’s Day Writing Ideas

I like to have my students make a card for somebody they love for almost every holiday. Daily writing practice is so imporant and doing it in a real world way makes it meaningful writing practice for the kids too!

A fun link for coloring pages you can use for the front of parent greeting cards is HERE at Educational Co. It always has some fun coloring pages or  if you need black and white clip art and it’s always FREE! Gotta love that!  This year I found a package of St. Patrick’s Day stickers at the dollar store. I decided to try a “Leprechaun Hand Print” that turned out cute.    Here are our finished St. Patties Day cards. 

Kids love choosing their own stationery…

 Then I give each student some writing stationery. The kids do their own “sloppy copy” and I edit, then we rewrite our final copies.

Here are the finished handprint cards. Aren’t they super cute? Kids added their own stickers. I got a HUGE package from the dollar store, what a great find!

I’ve collected cute stationery for every holiday.

St. Patrick’s Day Language Arts Activities

Some fun COLOR SONGS can be found at this cute link HERE. Just scroll down to the bottom of the page. I’ve also had the kids do color books at the first of the year to learn their color words. I just have them write a color word a day and write as many things as they can think of that are found in that color. 

They came up with cute letters to parents….

I found a really cute leprechaun poem on this website that is printable. The link is HERE. It’s on the First Grade Alacarte blog. It’s got lots of cute stuff.

I love to have the kids learn about ROY G. BIV (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet) and the order of the rainbow colors. A cute link for some other Roy G. Biv Stuff is  We look at some glass  prisms on the overhead that show rainbows in a cool way. Then we make a rainbow in a pot!  

Here’s our finished “Pots of Gold” at the ends of the rainbows.

Using 1 inch by 10 inch strips of  6 colors of colored construction paper glued together and then glued onto the back of a black pot. We color a tiny leprechaun and I give them some green “blingy” shamrocks. This year I found some cute green shiny ones from Hobby Lobby. Then I top the pot with some fake gold coins topped with glitter of course! Then we wrote some Leprechaun Similes:

Leprechauns are as ____ as a _______ and as ______ as a _______. If I caught one I would __________ and wish for a __________________.  The kids sure wished for some fantastic things! These Language Arts Activities are always fun and they turn out so dang pretty!

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