Spider Math and Art Activities

Spider Math and Art Activities are fun for the primary grades K-3. 

Spiders are a very fun and interesting theme in first grade. There are many math activities you can do too with the 8 legs too. I like to focus on memorizing the doubles math facts.

We made cute Spiders on a Stick and used sticker dots and funny eyes to decorate them. The crazy eyes I found        The writing paper I found at Activity Village. I just wrote in the Actostic S-P-I-D-E-R myself with a black sharpie marker and then copied them for the class. 

A REALLY cute eyeball sight word bingo game I found to do on spider day is at at Make Take Teach’s blog.  You will need some eyeballs from Walmart. Now  is the time to get them!

I got the cute Spider Paper from  activity village. An ABC order using spider words that I’m making up for a center game is HERE at TPT. It is free.   A pack of spider facts and writing paper I found for free is HERE at TPT.  A printable mini book with cute pictures I found for free is HERE on TPT.
Compound Word Spider Activity we do at centers. I’m almost done cutting it out!  A doubles math game I found as a free printable is HERE from TPT.

Cute spider web cupcakes I made on the left. I just added a little spider ring to each that I got in a package of 24 at Walmart for a few bucks. They all turned out so cute! 
I think I got these spider rings from Walmart. The kids love wearing them when they were done with their work. 
This spider on a stick is really easy. Here is a simple tutorial….

 Here is how you make it. Cut 8 inch by 1/2 inch legs and 5 inch circles for spider. You will need 8 legs. I have the kids bend them back and forth accordian style. Then cut out 3 black circles 5 inches in diameter for each child. Make one slightly smaller like 4 1/2 inches. That will be the head. One for the head and two for the body front and back. Then glue on all 8 legs and stick down on one of the body circles. Then cover legs and stick with the last black circle on the body section. Thenglue on the head circle slightly higher over the body. Then add colorful sticker dots and crazy eyes. 

We did acrostic spider poems a few years ago. They turned out great. This was a gifted group of first graders. 

Here are our finished spiders on a stick art project. The kids loved waving them around at each other. 

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