Kids Write About Pets

We have to do opinion writing and narrative writing this year and it has to be rubric scored. So I have to teach topic sentences and supporting sentences.

Krew wrote about his Two Favorite Pets. 

I found the cute writing paper FREE from TPT. HERE is the Link. It was from Casey Hallett. Thanks Casey!

Here was our finished bulletin board of Kids Writing About Pets. We had 2 fish. The rest were dogs and cats. No birds. 

Favorite Pets is always a good first writing project for first graders. They all have an opinion about the best pets in the world. 

 I like to give the kids a fun prompt to get them thinking. So we picked the topic of Pets. Everybody but one child had a pet at home so that made it easy. The one who didn’t have a dog or cat, made up what his favorite pet would be.

They are pretty good at following directions. Koby’s fish likes to do back flips!!! 

I also had the kids do an art project with just a bunch of cut out pieces for bodies, heads, tails and ears and they chose their favorites.

 I used gray, yellow, orange, brown and black paper so there are many fun combinations.
1. The body was an upside down U shape.
2.  The heads were heart shapes. (2 different sizes)
3. The faces were all circles (2 different sizes).
4. The ears were ovals and triangles.
5. The tails were smile shapes.
6. I gave them each 2 white stickers for the eyes. The kids did the rest.

Cute Dog and Cat Art. 

I called them up in groups of 4 and they picked their shapes for their pets. I told them they didn’t have to really match the real pet. They were just doing dog and cat art.

We are still working on capitalization in our First Grade Writing. . It will take a few more weeks to get it down. 😀 

A few things I found online to add to centers the week we wrote about pets were some cute vocabulary pictures and words from TPT HERE. Some fall writing papers are HERE.

Great Writing Mia! 

Here are our finished edited writings. We went through the whole writing process with a topic web, sloppy copy, teacher edit and final copy. I think they turned out great.

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  1. OOOHH Pattie! My first thought was, HOW ON EARTH IS SHE GETTING THOSE KINDER KIDS TO WRITE LIKE THAT!:) That looks so amazingly fun and creative, I LOVE IT! I am going to do that with my students next week when we talk about animal babies!! You are AwEsOmE!!

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