Valentine Cootie Catchers V

We were in the mood for some sweets at my house today. And we decided that maybe we’d take a trip in the car down to the new SWIG drive through in Draper. They have the most maaaaaavelous Swig Sugar Cookies there. They are soft and big and covered in pink, sour cream icing.  But we were kind of lazy. Correction, I was kind of lazy. So I roped my daughter into making some. HERE they are on my cooking blog.

Valentines Cookies and Valentines Cootie Catchers…..which one sounds like more fun?  Hmmmm……

Kids LOVE these fun little fortune tellers. Mine all did. So what luck to stumble across this cute one you could make for a Valentines Day craft or to make up at home and play.

Valentines Day Decor I have in my classroom and at home. 

I like that this one at  Design Mom has cute Valentines in all the 4 corners along with some sight words and numbers for the kids to choose. Number recognition is still hard for some kiddos even this late in the year. The more practice they get with numbers the better.

Make these up just for fun at home! It is kind of a fun mommy and me project.

The link to my cooking blog is here at Weekday Chef. Go make some cookies! They are creamy good! Bad me. I keep saying I’m going to give up sweets, but do I ever mind myself? NO! 

Another fun writing activity I found on TPT for freebies! It is a Valentines Read the Room activity. It has Valentine monsters to match to the word, then write the word in the correct space. HERE it is on TPT.  Thanks Camp Kindergarten! It’s super cute!

I’ve almost got all of my Valentines Decorations up around the house. I changed the classroom calendar and put up some hearts and fuzzy bears and I Love You wall hangings. 

My students will all love the little light up LOVE light I bring into class each year. Isn’t it sweet? I keep it lit up during the day. 

I bought all kinds of fun stuff at the dollar store for our Valentines Day Party. I have plates, napkins, heart counters for math, candy, pencils and a goodie bag, and some tic tac toe games we can play at a center. Cootie Catchers will be a hit too! I have lots of other fun things in mind too.

For our Halloween Party we’ll be making cookies like these darling Valentines heart cookies. I have a gazillion little jars of sprinkles we can have fun with. I might need some tiny candies too. Maybe I can get a few donations.  

And we’ll be making bead bracelets for our craft. The kids always love that.  And the tic tac toe will be fun. We should do some kind of relay race too. That always adds to the chaos of a kindergarten party!! 

I have a few other fun ideas up my sleeve too. It will be a fun month. I always love February. And the kids always Love the fun Valentines Day par-tay.

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