Sight Word Games

I have been looking for lots of sight word games for center activities these next few weeks. A very cute one I found is a Snowball Sight Word Writing Game. It is HERE at Mrs. Lirettes Learning Detectives.

The kids could stamp the words into playdough, or write the words in flour. That is always fun. My recipe is HERE.

The girl and boy superheroes are HERE at Melonheads.
We also did these superheroes last year with “ing” words. I could have kids write sight words inside the “pow” shapes instead. 

Another fun game was a fly swatter attached to a picture of a cat. Then fish with the sight words are spread all over the floor and the kids take turns “swatting” one of the fish with the fly. I know, it doesn’t make sense to me too, except that I know kids will find it engaging. And hopefully they will read the word on the fish as they play. You could also just use a magnet and a string on a stick and make a “fishpole”. That is what I will use to play the game with the fish laminated and with a paper clip on each one for the magnet to stick to. This game is HERE.

A game I made up a long time ago is a Spider match game for compound words. I may just use the webs for sight words too! I’ll have to come up with a sticky spider of some sort to “stick” to the webs. 

Another cute one was a colorful gumball machine with gumball sight words to read and cover. And this site also had cute little fried eggs with sight words inside, that kids could pick up with a black, plastic spatula from the Dollar Store. I loved these HERE at TPT. They are free.

I also found a cute Princess and Dinosaur Bingo Gameboard pack at Walmart for only a $1.00. I cut out the calling card pictures and wrote a sight word on each one, then wrote the matching word on each board. It took me some time but I just plugged in a DVD and did it while I watched the movie.

Any Bingo game with words would be helpful for K-2 Kids during centers. 

It was cheap and the kids have fun playing it.  The last thing I used for this week is a sight word wall. It is really cute with little pictures along with the words. This would be great for kids to use with Magna Doodles of any kind. They can choose words and write them on chalkboards with colored chalk or even on paper or whiteboards.  The link is HERE on TPT.

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