Frozen Finger Puppets from Felt

I have 5 granddaughters who all LOVE FROZEN, the movie. So when I saw some patterns for some cute, little, finger puppets of all of the characters, I knew we had to make them! I went out and bought about $7.00 worth of felt squares of every color. I looked at this picture I saw on Facebook From The Idea Room and then I freehanded the puppets. It was pretty easy to also embellish with glitter, sequins, buttons and gems. And we made little faces out of fine, Sharpie markers.

All the Frozen Characters; Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Hans, Kristoff and Sven.
Sven the Moose? Oops. I guess he’s a reindeer. My bad. 
We kept laughing at ourselves for putting what we called a “spork” on her head with felt. haha. Then we added glitter and a little earring and glittery button to her outfit. And Tiff got out her makeup and dabbed on some real blush. 
Elsa and Anna Finger Dolls from Frozen were the most fun to make of all the characters. We added eyelashes to the wiggly eyes. 
Olaf was super funny. Wendy came up with the design and made all the Olaf puppets for the girls. I crafted Hans and Kristoff adding a few little sequins for buttons. Tiff did all the hair and cut out just about all those clothes. Then we had an assembly line going with the glue gun. The girls picked out the buttons and beads and embellishments they wanted. 
I know we’ll be playing with these for a long time. I think Dylan just tolerated all the “dolls”. He would have rather had some Hot Wheels cars instead I think. lol. Tiff was nice enough to let us all come over and mess up her pretty house making crafts. Thanks Tiff. 
Frozen Finger Puppets made from Felt. Super Easy and so fun. I found these little Frozen tiny lunch box tins for the girls to keep the dolls in. They were at the Target Dollar section. I should have bought more of them. I found these cute playing cards there too. Only a buck! 
Frozen little Lunchpail tin mini with Frozen playing cards. We’ll keep the dolls in the tins. I scored these at the Target Dollar section. The tin was $3 and the cards were $1. 
Frozen Fingerpuppet patterns. 
Our Frozen Felt Finger Puppet patterns. I’ll make these into a PDF today after school. 
Here we all are after our FROZEN Finger puppets were all made! That was a fun crafting afternoon with almost all my granddaughters there.  

 Then one of the girls got out her mini boombox and they all started singing “Let It Go” together. It was pretty much like every other one you’ve seen on youtube. Funny only to us, probably. Lots of  pretty, off key singing while we were all laughing.

My granddaughters were two of millions who donned the Elsa and Anna costumes this Halloween. At my school there were dozens of them in every classroom! It was the MOST popular costume I’d seen in years! 
Frozen Trunk or Treating! Aren’t they just super cute? 

Family had some cute Frozen banners I liked with Olaf in the middle, great for a FROZEN kiddie party! It would be fun to have one in the dead of Utah Winter wouldn’t it? Maybe some little, powdered donut snowmen and hot chocolate in ice blue mugs with marshmallows?

For future crafts we will be making beaded bracelets in the Frozen colors of light and dark blue and pinkish purple and white. I got these cute charms to put in between the beads from Oriental Trading. The multicolor snowflake charms come in a package of 36 for $7.00. I think these will be awesome and sweet!

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