St. Patrick’s Day LEPRECHAUNS

This week is St. Patrick’s Day. So we did some LEPRECHAUNS! These were the ones we did last year. But this years are even bigger and better! And very GREEN!

 I like to make cards for some of the holidays we celebrate. These always turn out cute. The handprints are orange paint. Then a die cut peach circle glued and the faces made by the kids. Top with a black hat, green strip of paper and a yellow square. The black inside part of the buckle is just made with black marker. Oh, and don’t forget the wiggly eyes.

Then we choose from 3 kinds of stationery and write cards to our parents. 
Some really fun St. Patrick’s Day Pinwheels can be found HERE at Craft Jr. It is one of my favorite sites for crafts. This one was milk and food coloring and a little DAWN dish detergent on the end of a toothpick. It will fizzle the milk pretty good if you only touch here and there in the areas of the food coloring.
Here we are doing it in my class but watch the video below to see how it’s done. I use toothpicks and only touch the very edges one at a time of the dots of food coloring. It will fizz and last longer. 

 They are cool rainbow experiments to go along with your Pots of Gold!  Check it out HERE to find out how to make green Leprechaun Quicksand (Oobleck).

I made this Leprechaun and Shamrock BINGO last year for the kids to play at a center. They use the green glittery shamrocks as counters. It is filled with lots of cool vocabulary.

Gotta play a few games of Irish Bingo for St. Patrick’s Day!

And we ALWAYS make leprechaun trap inventions. They are very cool and we show them off in the school library for a week. Kids have lots of fun trying to “LURE” a leprechaun to our class. I’ll post them on Friday when they are due along with some of our writing leprechaun metaphor writings.

And we graph our favorite type of potatoes in math. It could be potato chips that win this year! That’s my downfall…..sigh…..

Happy St. Patricks Day! 

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