Dr. Seuss Day Fun

 We read many books by Dr. Seuss wearing our pajamas on Dr. Seuss Day!

 We made cool HATS! with the Read Across America Pledge on the back!

We danced with THING 1 and THING 2! 

And then of course we had to paint THING 1 AND 2 using our handprints!

 We played games and did a few contests too!

 We had fun dancing and doing some Dr. Seuss Trivia with Mrs. Robert’s Classroom.

 Then we got some fun suckers from the PTA! They were so cool!

 Here is Brody in his cool “Trouble 2” Shirt. It looks like Thing 2!

 Some kids answered the Trivia questions for some cool prizes!

 Here we are doing the Trivia Challenge. Did you know Dr. Seuss wrote over 40 books for kids?

Thing 1 and Thing 2 also read stories to us! 

 Then we got to go to the cafeteria for some Dr. Seuss Cake cut up by the PTA ladies.

 Doesn’t it look delish? Well, it was. Thanks PTA!  Here’s our cute PTA President. She works so hard!

Rhyming Game 
It rhymes with call. 
If I trip over my shoelace I could ———(fall) 
It rhymes with hall. 
It’s round and it bounces-it is a —–(ball) 
It rhymes with wish 
You put food in it. It is a —-(dish) 
It rhymes with that 
You wear it on your head. It is a —-(hat) 
It rhymes with pat 
It’s not a kitten, it’s a —–(cat) 
It rhymes with run 
Up in the sky, there is a —(sun) 
It rhymes with sun 
If you’re having a good time, you’re having–(fun) 
It rhymes with snake 
You put frosting on it. It is a——(cake) 
It rhymes with cup 
The opposite of down is—-(up) 
It rhymes with sunny 
When something makes you laugh, it is—–(funny) 
it rhymes with not 
You cook soup in a ——(pot) 
It rhymes with say 
The opposite of night is——(day) 
It rhymes with away 
When you use your toys, you—(play) 
It rhymes with hop 
The opposite of go is—(stop)

Source: Hummingbird Educational Resouces

Handprint Thing 1 and Thing 2 for Dr. Seuss Day! 

We also read Green Eggs and Ham chorally. It was fun as tables reading parts to each other.

We made a list of rhyming word sets to write up some easy and wacky poems with!  That was lots of fun. Dr. Seuss made some wacky poems. It is easy to do!

 “I do not like Green Eggs and Ham, Sam I am!  We even had green eggs and ham in the cafeteria for lunch! We had lots of characters running around school giving out stuff. It was a blast.

Thanks Dr. Seuss. You made reading SO FUN! We had lots of good fun that was funny!

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