Valentines Day Card Holders

Valentines Day Card Holders 

These are the Valentine Holders we do every year to collect Valentine cards in. Super cute right?

And we line them along our bulletin board in the hallway so it is easy to walk along and drop the cards in. I also have them write about what  they LOVE ABOUT THEMSELVES. It’s a hard assignment for most kids. But an important one. 

 Start by taking a rectangle piece of butcher paper from the rolls. Then fold up the bottom to make the heart pointed bottom.

Then staple the Valentine Holder together, just the top pieces at the seams. I usually staple twice on each one. 

 Next, cut 2 rounded edges along the top of each one. I do all of these steps for the kids or I get a mom helper to do it a week before Valentines day.

This is one of my centers on Valentines Day….filling the hearts of your friends. So sweet! 

  I usually choose the colors of red, pink, purple (2 shades) and white. The kids get to choose which color they like. We make 1 for the principal and 1 for the teacher to. That’s me. LOL.

 Then we decorate them with stickers, die cut punch outs, copied heart designs on colored paper etc. The kids get to choose whatever they like. Some years I buy small doilies too in heart shapes. 
Finished heart valentine holders 

 Another game we do is HOT POTATO HEART, using a small stuffed heart to pass around. When you are out you get to choose a treat from a bag of treats.

    Here everybody is being silly for the camera, playing hot potato. Then as part of this center we also make a heart bead bracelet using pipe cleaners and pony beads. I usually have bought some special heart beads of some sort too.

Hi MOM! Happy Valentines Day! 

 This year I found little metal penguins and hearts and star beads to add to our bracelets. Kids just did their own bracelets

I had to show you my cute decorations at home that I put up.
I love Valentines Day Decor! So sweet. 
And we decorate the classroom pretty good for Valentines Day too! 

 The 3rd center is decorating a Valentine cookie with frosting and candy. Here are some finished cookies we made this year.

Valentine Cookie decorating 
We had a mom helper at every center…thanks everybody! Here we are decorating cookies….

A pretty finished Valentine cookie. 

All the kids loved decorating their cookies. They were huge so I told them only eat half before lunch. 

 Bulletin board with “I LOVE MYSELF BECAUSE” writings and our finished Valentine Card Holders.

Valentines Day Card Holders and “I Love Myself” writing….

 The 4th center for Valentines Day centers is Valentines Bingo using conversation hearts as markers.

The heart bowl has cool prizes for winners. Everybody gets a candy prize though, thanks to
the parent helpers who each brought a bag of candy. Yum! 
The Valentines Party sure was a fun day for everybody. Hope yours was too!

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