100s Day Fun

Thursday was the 100th Day of school. We HAD to celebrate!

Our 100s day badges we wore all day.

And our 100s Day hats of course…..Patties Classroom kids 2013 on 100s day. 
And we drew pictures of what we will all look when we turn 100 years old…haha….I don’t look forward to THAT I don’t think, from the looks of it….lol…

Look what I have to look forward to!  Lots of grey hair and canes and stuff.

And some kind of red problem area that will happen to my hands! EEK!

One of the assignments was to bring in a brown bag of 100 edible things and write 3 clues on the bag for us to guess what was inside. Then we put all the stuff in a big bowl, mixed it up and passed out cups of 100s Day Trail Mix!
Then I passed everybody a 100 dollar bill (fake of course) and asked them what they’d spend it on if it were real? 

Here’s what they all came up with. Some of them would give to the poor. Loved that.

And many of them would buy toys for little brothers and flowers for their mom. Sniff…..

And some of them would buy a Disney Cruise vacation! Let’s GO! I wish 100 dollars went as far as they think it will go….snicker….

Poem we read with 100 words.

We read as a class a short chapter book called 100 Days at the Black Lagoon School. It was hilarious. I had a whole class set. We also read the Fancy Nancy book above and the Scholastic 100th Day of School.
I put 100s day stickers on everybody’s writing too.

It’s a lot of fun to mark the 100th day of school each year.  I love doing all the fun activities.

We had a lot of fun on 100s Day!

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