Gingerbread Man Fun

We made Gingerbread Man Cookies in class the other day.  It was super fun!  And thanks to all the parents who sent icing, candies, plates, napkins and zip lock baggies. We appreciate it!

 Thanks to Mrs. Murrill for coming to help and bringing the cookies for us to decorate.

I know the kids all loved doing the gingerbread men and playing with all that CANDY! 
They frosted their own men with white, green or pink icing……then we dug into a pile of little candies….

Here are a few of the finished ones….some are really LOADED! 

Brody just lost his 2 front teeth, but he is still getting ready to  bite off an arm or a leg! EEK!
It was a very fun time. 
Twin brothers….but not twin gingerbread men! 

Here’s a loaded up gingerbread man!

The girls loved it as much as the boys did.

The gingerbread men turned out cute and yummy. 
I bought these veggie and dip plates from the dollar store, and they work great for sorting the candies….

I put one on each table of 4 kids and they decorated their gingerbread men from that way….so easy! 

It is a whole unit I’m doing with the many stories that have been written about The Gingerbread Man, Girl, Baby, etc. We even read a Gingerbread Man play.

Hi guys!  Good job everybody!

 I think Liam had a great time, what do you think?

 Some years I do “green trees” with upside down sugar cones.

It’s the same idea….lots of candy on an upside down sugar cone and green frosting and they look like little trees decorated with little ornaments! Here are some Christmas Tree Cookie fact family activities HERE at Differentiation Station.
But I found that nobody really wanted to eat the sugar cone, just the candies. 

 Now we are writing our own stories using the basic plot but changing it a little and coming up with our own innovations! They are quite hysterical.

Here is our Gingerbread Man Story house to top our stories. I’ll post the stories really soon. They should be done in another day or so. 

Here is the gingerbread house I designed and we print it out on brown construction paper and some little gingerbread men in brown. A fun puppet set can be found HERE at DLTK-Teach. It is a favorite site of mine with lots of free downloadable stuff to enhance your lessons. Many more  Gingerbread activities here.

Candy for gingerbread men….

For MATH we did some Gingerbread Man magic squares. They are very challenging but the kids got them correct. I was very impressed! Here is a sample at Kidzone.  On the back we did a subtraction sheet like the one HERE. I just added a few triple digit computation problems to the mix.

At my house recently my grown kids made some gingerbread people for the grandkids to decorate. Notice my 27 year old had to make his a gingerbread “girl” but alas, she melted in the pan….hehe….

I just bought the Costco cookie mix and used only 1 packet. It comes with 4 packets. Each one makes about 15 to 18 cookies depending on how large or small you make them.

And we made a few gingerbread houses too with the 3 little granddaughters, aged 5, 4 and 2 1/2.  They loved making the cookies too. Who wouldn’t love it? 

My little granddaughter Meg, age 4, made this one….isn’t it sweet?

Here she is telling Santa all the good things she wants for Christmas. 

This one was done by Josie, 2 1/2 with a little help from her mommy, my daughter-in-law Wendy.

Here they both are with Mrs. Claus….so sweet! I love those girls….
I’ve started decorating my house for Christmas too. (My gingerbread man is in the background) been a busy week! 
Christmas sugar cookies we made today. I’ll can’t decide which I love better, the sugar or the gingerbread. Either way, it is a fun activity for the kiddos. I always enjoy seeing them having fun with it.

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