4 Fairy Tale Reader’s Theaters

 Summer is coming! We only have 4 more days of school! Do I sound excited? Well we have had such a busy week I’m kind of tired. But the kids have tons of energy still! We may have to play a game of kickball tomorrow with the other 2nd grades!

Here were our 3 Little Pig houses we used for our puppets while we sang silly songs…..
See ya later….alligator…after awhile….crocodile…see ya soon…macaroon….adios…cinnamon toast….

Here are a few shots of our cute Fairy Tale Plays we did this week for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades. I really enjoyed them. The kids got to be such great actors and had super expression! I think most of the parents enjoyed coming to see them too.

Our marionette puppets The 3 Billy Goats while we sang some silly songs in the background….

 We sang some silly songs in between the songs, about ladybugs and “Old Dan Tucker who came to town riding a billy goat, feeding a hound, washed his face in a frying pan, combed his hair with a wagon wheel and died with a toothpick in his heel”…..you get the nutty drift.

The cast of “The 3 Little Pigs”  They sure did a great job! 
The cast of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears….so cute!  I got these costumes from Oriental Trading for $5.00 each  a
couple of years ago. Only problem was that they are adult sizes. I had to cut each leg and arm with scissors and sew them shorter. They are still a bit too big, but the hats I couldn’t resist for the PRICE! 
Captain Jack and Polly Parrot introduced the shows…..

The 3 Billy Goats Gruff characters….they did a cute job….I  made the ears and horns out of  a hairband and some felt. I’m pretty handy with a glue gun, right? The beards are just a piece of fur taped on.  They lasted about as long as the play before they fell off!

 Here the kids are singing a silly song called “Oh There’s a Ladybug in my Soda”.  It’s fun. They waved their ladybugs to the rockin beat of the song like they were dancing.  Sadly, most of the legs and antennae were torn off by the time we had performed this song a dozen times. 
 The 3 Little Pigs in action, and the mean old wolf!

These were cute little letters sent from one of the other gifted classes. Kids did such cute drawings and letter writing. I just loved this one of Little Red Riding Hood.  Our costumes were so cute! 

 I didn’t get a good picture of Red, but she was all dressed up in a red dress and cape and had a little red basket she toted around.  The wolf in this one was great too.  I forgot to snap some pics! Darn. 
 Loved the depiction of our 3 little pigs.  One was wearing the BYU shirt in blue, the other 2 pigs were in University of Utah red. A local rivalry between the 2 colleges was exploited by the author of this version of the pigs……creative license was put to good use! 
 Luckily for me there were no die hard Ute fans in the audience that didn’t have a sense of humor…hehe…..

This one looked exactly like the wolf outfit. We had a brown “mullet” wig and a big nose, hysterical looking. And a black cat suit.  The 2 kids who played wolves were awesome. Great job Zach and Saige! 

Here’s our whole cast of characters after the Fairy Tale plays.  It will be a great memory for the kiddos I think. 😀 

3 thoughts on “4 Fairy Tale Reader’s Theaters”

  1. So very entertaining! I loved the costumes and the songs, those marionnette puppets were awesome, and the kids did so well.
    I thought it was interesting how the kids acting had all of their lines memorized even though the didn't speak them out loud.
    Did you write the reader's theater? They were so funny!
    P.S. I loved those beards!

  2. I wrote 3 of the 4 and mixed in all the songs and puppet scripts. It's my favorite thing to do the entire year!
    The kids seem to love it too…

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