The Ugly Duckling

Our Ugly Duckling musical was a smashing success! 
Thanks to a lot of people’s help, especially the parents! Thanks for the costumes, the cute signs (Mrs. Kenner did a fab job for us!). We really appreciate all the support parents! 
The kids learned their lines and dances and songs so well! 

And their costumes were so cute! Love the little doggie and those pigs and swans! 

Mrs. Stockett was a great director! 

And Mrs. Adams assisted with the choreography and lines…..

Here are the kids on their final song…”Believe in Yourself! That’s all that it takes! “

Cute backdrop painted by one of the parents….

The star of the show, Zach was a great Ugly Duckling! 
Brynlin’s family came…..
I saw so many other families too! Thanks for coming everyone! 
and Trace’s family came too…..
I didn’t get everybody’s picture with their family….I wish I could have though! 
Andrew was a great soloist and skunk! 

Zach’s grandma love the show too…. Zachary was a great soloist and actor. His mom made this cute costume too! 

So did Gavin’s family! 

And Ty’s mom and bro loved it too…..
Our class sure had a lot of fun!
Thanks to Morgan’s mom for making all of our cute signs….They were fabulous. Thanks to the parents for helping kids learn their lines, solos, and with the cute costumes.  It was a fantastic success!  

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  1. It was so fun to watch! I may be a bit biased, but I thought the speaking parts and singing done by Mrs. Moss's kids were the very best of all! They were so animated and well spoken. Great job everyone!

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