Insect Reports

We’ve been working in science on learning about the Animal Kingdom.  Half of my class I had last year. So we reported on all of the animal families; mammals, reptiles, birds, ocean animals. So this year I thought we could cover amphibians and insects. So we’ve been busy doing reports on frogs and insects.

Here are the highlights of the insect reports…..

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Insects line the walls outside our classroom….

Dragonflies of all sorts..

Caterpillar….molting into a butterfly….
Plastic insects at the Science Center….

Along with the microscope slides of insect metamorphosis…

Insect cards at a the Science center…..

Butterflies of all kinds…..
Really colorful butterfly here…..
Ladybugs, and bees….
Cute speech bubble on this honeybee….buzzzzz……

cool grasshoppers….

Lots of kids wrote about Monarch Butterflies…
We learned about dragonflies and grasshoppers! 

We actually caught a few grasshoppers and had them as class pets a month ago….

It’s been fun to learn about INSECTS! 

There are a gazillion different types of insects for us to study…we had to narrow it down to just a few….

Here’s Some cool grasshopper life cycles and we labeled the body parts….

Diagrams and Crossword Puzzles

Insect Reports and Life Cycles

This is a gifted artist…yeah….

Really nice job on this ladybug!  I loved the background too….

Pretty Butterfly too….

Such a beautiful Dragonfly!  

Sloppy copies were edited and final copies were written…

 The kids did a really nice job on their insect reports. I loved them all….I especially loved the illustrations. I can’t help myself! I’m an art minor!  What are you gonna do, ya know? 

Very nice writing!  

And some neat handwriting too!  

This is Matt’s flea illustration. Isn’t it cute? I don’t know what it is sitting on though?

We made a few life cycles too….did you know the dragonfly starts out underwater? Yeah.  It’s a cool metamorphosis!  
Hope you enjoyed our INSECT DISPLAYS…..

Next we will post our Amphibian Reports….they are all done too.
And lastly we will do ocean animals for those new kids in my class who didn’t do it last year. 

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