Amphibian Reports

We made some cute FROG FACTS books a week ago in science.  We all got amphibian books from the library and made a giant list of Froggie Facts.

A poem we sang to “Jimmy Crack Corn” tune…
Fabulous Frogs Floor Puzzle at Littleowl


These kinds of things can be bought and used for counters at center math games during your frog study week. I often times will pull out math generic games and have frogs as counters. Or the above puzzle as a fast finisher activity. The kids love enrichment like this

Froggy Fact Books with cute art to go on the cover.  

Inside is all of the facts the kids came up with from all the books and Scholastic News we read. 
Finished bulletin board of our Frog Fact Books! 

Microscope slides of amphibians and life cycles. It is a really fun mini unit to do along with the Reading Streets story A Froggy Fable. 

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