Halloween Story Problems

We are learning the “key words” for addition and subtraction. I made up a pocket chart with the different words we have come across as we do our story problem for the day.

Here’s our cute Halloween Bulletin Board with our story problems under the cute art…..

I love these little ghosties flying around….

The kids got really good at making up their own. So we used some cute Halloween themed paper and started writing word problems using some of the characters seen on Halloween.

In this story the skeletons “sprout kitty wings!” So funny! 

Word Problems….mixing math and art….

 Then we had the kids take turn reading their story problems to the class. Everybody got out their whiteboards and tried to figure the problems.

We put some cute Halloween Scenes on top and made a cute bulletin board.  See more of them HERE on an earlier post.

They turned out really funny. Some are very challenging too. When we had at least 5 hands raised we picked somebody to tell the answers. If they were correct they got a gummy bear. Then they got to come up and read their problem. And on we went.

Halloween Story Problems

It was lots of fun. And everybody got a lot better at understanding the difference between IN ALL, HAVE LEFT, ALTOGETHER, HOW MANY MORE, AND TOTAL. YUP!

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