Halloween Art


My favorite Halloween Scene in my living room at home….

We made a cute Halloween yard scene using white picket fences on black. We curled 1/4 inch strips x 5 inches into circle curls and then glued them sideways into pumpkin shapes.

Here’s our Halloween Bulletin Board….we wrote word problems underneath…..

 It was tedious for little fingers so we only worked on it for about 20 minutes each morning right before recess. We finished them in about 3 days.

 The Spiderwebs we cut out kind of like snowflakes. We got the template from Martha Stewart Crafts on a special Halloween decorating edition she did. I found it last summer when I was perusing craft websites like I do in the summer to plan for the next year’s art projects….(being an art minor I have an obsession kind of….snicker).  The link to her tutorial and template (just click on the word template in her first paragraph) is HERE at Martha Stewart Crafts.

 Then we made different moon shapes. Some made full moons, some shaped like bananas. Saige and Trace have some neato scenes too! 

Then we added black yarn spiders and glittery pom pom spiders with colorful wiggly eyes. It was kinda hard to glue the eyes on because of all the glittery tinsel sticking out of the pom poms, so I might not buy that type of pom pom again next year. 😀

Matt took a lot of time on his…it looks great too! 

I got my supplies from Joannes Crafts.  Wiggly eyes come in all sorts of colors, as do the pom poms.
The ones I had were glittery looking pom poms. Maybe next year I will use regular ones, without the tinsel spikes all over.

 Colorful wiggly eyes make those spiders POP! 

We used plain black yarn….I liked the longer spider arm lengths better than the shorter ones. Next time I’ll give kids maybe 5 inch lengths with 4 pieces each instead of the 3 1/2 inch lengths. Longer spider legs looked cooler I thought.

I loved Gavin’s spider…..longer yarn  length was a better look! 

Hi Addie! Yours is cool too! 

 There was a little frustration on having eyes fall off over and over before they finally stayed STUCK! It turned out really cute.  

Allie is proud of her scene….

My kiddos are really proud of their Halloween Scenes!  

Oh yeah….these turned out cool! What do ya think?  

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