We’re Going to College Week!

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Sunrise Elementary April 15th 2011!
Here we are in our colors, with our pennants and  mascot; The Banana Tech Monkeys!

Our PTA hosted a week of fun called We’re Going to College Week. It is to encourage the students to plan for and to get excited about college in their futures. On Monday we all wrote essays entitled, “What I Want to Be When I Grow Up and How I’m Going to Get There”.  My kids had some interesting ideas about that. I never knew so many wanted to be paleontologists! Oh the power of 1 first grader’s suggestion on another first grader….

Emma, Allie and Joe won prizes for their Essays on Going to College

Tuesday was Career Day and we had all these cool people come and share their jobs with us. We had dental assistants, pharmacy techs, CPR & Emergency Medicine, Flower Gardening, Haircutting and Computer careers represented.  These were really technical educational opportunities in our district. It was cool when Addie ran into her step grandma! What a coinkidink! 

Addie’s grandma showed us lots of jobs we could learn as early as high school!

It was fun to see some of the gear they wear in different jobs!

Here’s some high school kids explaining their engineering projects to the kids…

We learned some Engineering thing kids in Technical School do….

Our PTA ladies did a cute skit about our Fun Run Fundraiser coming up on May 5th!

We got to grind beans with a morter and pestle! Just like a pharmacy tech grinds pills…

We got to make “flour capsules” and count the flour pills like a real pharmacist tech!

Be a Paramedic or EMT! Or do landscaping! We got to see the CPR Doll too!

Or learn hair design,  or house building  or computer training at the Canyons Tech Center!


Then on Friday was the big day. Every single classroom had to come up with a mascot, school colors and a NAME for our college. My class chose  THE BANANA TECH MONKEYS! . They made it up, don’t blame me! Here are our school pennants. Aren’t you just SO PROUD!

So we went to the gym on Friday to see everybody else’s college colors and mascots. The fun comes when our surrounding colleges show up to represent. We get to see Swoop from U of Utah, and Cosmo from BYU, and many others.  It is a really fun day.  Here are the ladies behind College Week at our school.

Our PTA Rocks BIG TIME, as I’ve said before!  They did it again! Here’s the College Week Committee. I’ve taught 2 of their kids! So they let me take pictures with them.  LOL. They are celebrities around here. Oh Yeah! Mrs. Anderson has her own blog too! It’s called “Off the Wheaten Path”.

Swoop from University of Utah came….
Cosmo from BYU came too!  With silly string!
Big Dee of Dixie College in St. George came!
So did Dr. Doty, our Superintendent of Canyons District

California Teachers ROCK! Utah Teachers do too!

There were 13 college attended between these 4 teachers…Whew!

Our Going to College Chairwoman, Margo Andersen! She rocks!


Swoop loved playing the obstacle course against 6th graders!

The PTA made up this College Chutes & Ladders Game for us to take home! Thanks PTA!


Every class stood up, waved flags and yelled a cheer!

Here is our class doing our cheer…..”Banana Tech…..Banana Tech….Go Monkeys! Eek eek  eek!
Cosmo autographed this picture for Allie and Andrew! Woo Hoo!

We are the proud  Class of 2022! The Banana Tech Monkeys!

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