I LOVE to plan an Easter Egg Hunt for my students. So every year I organize a fun classroom hunt. This year I found plastic eggs at Hobby Lobby for 77 cents for a dozen. And the day I got them they were 50% off! Woo Hoo! What a deal! So I bought about 10 dozen; 8 for my class, 2 for my 3 grandkids.

We HAVE to sing Peter Cottontail before the week is up!

Here we are with our Easter bags all ready to go….

I put up my April Weather Bears….it might rain today but I hope not! Keep fingers crossed!
The anticipation is killing us! The moms are out there hiding eggs!

So my students’ parents send candy in for a week or so and we fill the eggs as we go with wrapped candy of all kinds. We filled up about 100 plastic eggs. That would have been a nice photo. Wish I’d thought of that sooner!

Addie’s and Allie’s moms were so cool to come help out!

Then we make our Easter Baskets out of Costco white lunch bags. I buy a giant package of them about every 4 years and they last through all the crafts and yearly parties I use them for. (we also do a pirate party the last week of school and it’s another “loot” bag. Looks cool with a black skull and crossbones on it.

Here they are a half second after I blew the whistle to go! They left me in the dust!

I usually let the kids add their own art projects to their bags. This year we did bunnies, chicks and lambs and then we put Easter grass inside and fake green grass with hidden eggs all around the bottoms.

This is about 2 minutes later….the rush is over really fast!

A little more frantic running around……

Then we get a few of the parents to hid the eggs the last half hour of school.  And we come out and we all say, “ready, set, go!” and the kids scamper all across the school grounds looking for eggs. It’s all over in about 3 minutes. 

And we did some Hula Hoops and Sidewalk Chalk bunnies….

Then we do some sidewalk chalk and hoola hoops. I forgot to snap some pics of their cool pictures and their wishes to all the Sunrise Elementary kids to have a fun Easter break. !   It’s a fun activity just before Spring Break. The kids love it! 


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