Valentines Day Party!

Friday was our classroom Valentines Day Party. Everyone was very excited when they walked in the door with their bags of paper and candy valentines to pass out.  We had worked so hard on our cute Valentine holders!

We always decorate a heart shaped cookie. Thanks to the PTA for providing the sugar cookies and pink icing. I add lots of different types of sprinkles.  I have so many different sprinkles that everybody is sure to make a masterpiece! 

Then we HAVE to play some Valentine Bingo games using markers made of conversation hearts.  Then the fun part, passing out our Valentines to each other.  First graders are really into this part of the fun and they love to look for everybody’s Valentine holder to match the names up with their card.

 Here is how we make our Valentine Holders.  They are really sturdy and always turn out pretty.

Cute Valentine Holders…kids decorate  them with cut outs

I gave them die cutouts of valentine hearts, stickers and foam peel and sticks…

Another fun thing I do is to play Valentine Hot Potato using a stuffed heart about 10 inches in diameter.
I play some fun rock and roll music and we pass the stuffed heart around till the music stops.  Or another fun game is musical chairs. When the music stops if you are the one without a chair, come out and get a little lollypop, so nobody feels bad when they get out.

The Valentine Bulletin Board turned out so pretty…We wrote about the “Things and People we Love!”
I love the last line of this one…too funny!

We make crafts too. An easy and fun one for little kids is to make a red, white, pink and purple bracelet using a pipe cleaner/chenille stem, and some kind of valentine beads.  I usually find what I’m looking for at Oriental Trading in the foam beads section. Link HERE These cute hearts are easy for little kids to put on a pipe cleaner.  Or if you want to take more time, use lanyard plastic string and make necklaces. It is stiff and easy for little kids to bead with.  You just have to tie it in a knot when you are done. This year we decorated and made parent cards. They turned out pretty too but I forgot to take a picture! There was a lot going on…

Playing Valentine Bingo with Conversation Hearts

A fun favor is to make popcorn treats using white chocolate melted and drizzled over warm popcorn. It is really cute with red and pink white chocolate disks, melted in the microwave. It makes a very pretty popcorn ball too.  Wrap them in little clear plastic lollypop bags you get from any craft store, and top with these cute bag toppers.  Just staple one on each bag. These gals Chica and Jo are real crafters and have lots of fun ideas. Link to the  Popcorn Bag Tag HERE.  I’ve never done these because of the cooking part,  but it would be fun to do for neighbor gifts!

Making our cookies…I found these cute melamine plates at Smiths for 99 cents!
We frost them all with pink icing and have fun going crazy with the sprinkles!

The more sprinkles the better…yummy pink icing…

Addies mom and Js mom came to help us with the party!

Hey I just got a Bingo! Hip Hip Hooray!


cute decorations…

Some fun books to read…
We sing songs…read some cool books…

My very favorite Valentine Book…it has such a sweet ending…I love it!

Here’s my cute granddaughter eating one of our homemade cookies…isn’t she a doll?


I had to throw in a cut pic of my grandbabies makin’ cookies with me at my house too!

Aren’t they just the cutest kids?  : ) I’m just sayin….

Our classroom finished works of art…almost too cute to eat!


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