Hooray it’s 100 Days!

Woo Hoo! Thursday marks 100 days of school.  Well, not really, Friday marks 100 days on our calendar but since we have Valentines Day off on Monday, we celebrate Valentines on Friday.  It’s complicated. 

So we started out the day reading our “100s Day BAGS”. These are a fun homework project I sent home on Monday. Each student had to count out 100 edible items into a brown bag I provided.  Then on the outside they were instructed to write 3 clues about what was inside. They couldn’t tell anybody. Here’s an example….

  1. It is yellow.
  2. It is shaped like a sphere.
  3. It is sour          WHAT IS IT?

Note home we attached to brown bags for our 100s Day snacks…


100s Day trail mix…yummy snack!

 Then 3 kids can take a guess. The one who figures it out gets a gummy bear.  Or if you stump the class YOU get the gummy bear.  Anyway, we had a lot of kids stumped today.  But the clues were excellent!  We rip open the bags one by one and pour them into a giant bowl.  Each student gets to dump their own and then stir the bowl with a scoop.  It is all very exciting.  Do you know what we are making?  100s Day Trail Mix of course!!! After everyone shares their clues we all get a giant scoop of it to eat for a snack! Yum.

This poem has 100 words!

Then we read a poem about 100s Day and Sang a 100Days in School Song to the tune of “The Ants Go Marching 1 by 1 Hoorah!”  Next we do a math activity on a 100s chart.  I call out about 20 math problems such as; mark an X on even numbers between 45 and 51, or mark an X on 5 tens and 6 ones, or 60 take away 10.  Then we X out that number on their individual chart and color that square in.  When we are done it makes a very clear 100. Fun!

Our tens and ones math activity clearly makes a 100!

Next I pass everybody out a crisp, clean, green $100 bill. I tell them all that they can buy whatever in the world they want with the money.  They all ask me if it is real money and I lie and say, “Of course it is!” snicker snicker…   We brainstormed for about 5 minutes and I wrote down everything from “A human clone” and “Teleporting Machine” to “A trip to Mars”.  They have vivid imaginations. 

Aren’t we cute?

Our 100 Days badges…we wore them around school all day!

After I talk them down about it not really being $100 bucks, and they get over their disappointment, (hehe) they all get in the mood and write what they would buy with $100 dollars.  It is very  funny to see and hear them plotting their Disneyworld and Seaworld trips and their teleporting here and there, the discussions going around just about cracked me up.

Awesome brainstorming…who wouldn’t want a teleporting machine?Oops I spelled puppies wrong..don’t look at that… 

  “I think I’d get a human clone for me so then I could make him do all the chores my mom makes me do”  That was from J.  He is so cute and super smart. “Well, I’d get an alien from Pluto, after I took a trip there.” I think that was from Andrew. He really liked our study of Space.  I forgot who wanted to teleport, but I’d actually like to try that one myself! Ever seen the movie Jumper?! What a great idea!

What would YOU buy with $100 bucks?
It goes a lot further in the mind of a 7 year old 🙂

Next, we passed out giant 100 signs and inside were 100 little doo dads to color. These we made into 100s Day Hats. They looked pretty cool when the kids cut out the holes inside the zeros so they could use them for cool glasses.  Here is a picture of the kids sporting their cool 70s giant glasses look.

Groovy hats that also make glasses…100 items inside the one and zeros…
part of my class showing you almost 100 fingers!

  While they were coloring I read them 2 books; The 100th Day of School, a cute book in rhyme, and 100 Hungry Ants, another rhyming book that divides 100 ants, many different ways.  The kids enjoyed them both. 

Very cute book in all rhyme dealing with multiplication

While we ate our cool trail mix made from lots of cereal, M &Ms, marshmallows and chocolate chips, I asked them what they think they will look like in 100 years.  There were many funny comments like, “I’ll be super bald!”  I gave them each an oval shape and told them, We ran out of time but I will have them “Draw it!”.  We will scrapbook paper shirts or dresses, buttons, glasses out of wire pipe cleaners, cotton ball hair, and funny faces.  I know we will have some hilarious results!
Happy 100s Day!

Woo Hoo!  75 Days to go till Summer!

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