Dr. Seuss Decorating

This year at our school the theme decided by the principal is “OH THE PLACES YOU’LL GO!” by Dr. Seuss. I decided I would designate one of the walls of my classroom to the theme.

Dr. Seuss Decorating with Fun Bags, Paper Cut Outs, and some first day Pencils and Erasers! Won’t the kids LOVE em? 

I went over to Target the other day with my daughter and grandkiddos and what do you know? There is a big bunch of fun stuff over in the dollar section that has lots of Dr. Seuss and lots of Disney products for teachers.

I found a boatload of stuff. Lookee What I got!!

I loved these cardboard Dr. Seuss Decorating Posters. They’re about 9 x 13 size. 

I’m going to use these 4 clocks to give the time when school starts and ends, and when recess and lunch are. This will help the kids to learn to tell time, and will reduce the number of times they ask me when lunch is. That is one of the hardest things about 1st grade. They are not used to staying the whole day.

Foam Clocks to use for Telling the Time of Day (School Start time, Recess, Lunch, Dismiss) for my Dr. Seuss Decorating. 

I also got these cute erasers. I don’t know what I will do with them yet. Maybe I’ll give them out in a little baggie with candy and a pencil on Back to School night. They also had Dr. Seuss Pencils. Target also had banners and cute clip art items with Dr. Seuss characters on them. I will use this on my bulletin board that says “Oh the Places You’ll Go!”.

Dr. Seuss Pencils and Erasers from the Target dollar bins. 
I don’t know what I’ll do with these cute Cat in the Hat decorations, but I couldn’t resist them. 

The cute Cat in the Hats are a border. But I thought I could cut them apart and add the kids pictures underneath with a blue wig like they are Thing 1 and 2. That would be super cute to use to vote in my Graph a Week chart. The light up balls were only $3.00 but they probably won’t work lit up for long. I’ll just string them across some area of the classroom that needs a little “POP” of color!

My Weekly Graph has a different question each week and as the kids walk in on Monday they vote for what they like. Then later at math time we talk about it using math terms such as “greater than, less, more, equal, least greatest” and kids get used to that vocabulary. 

Last year for the Graph a Week chart we used these little people icons. This year I’ll use the Dr. Seuss hats and add the kids’ pictures in blue wigs. That will be cute. 

 I got a few games too. I’ll use these for centers. The back of the ABC flashcards I’ll use another way. They have cute pictures (in the Dr. Seuss tradition) and words under the pictures. I’ll put these in a pocket chart at the writing center. I’ve wanted to have a cute word bank of some sort over there but didn’t want to use up all my color printer ink. This is a very cheap way to go!

Telling Time Dr. Seuss Games and numbers and letters too. A darling aqua blue pocket chart will be great for schedule or center activities listings. Most of these were $1.00! What a steal! 

Here are a few Dr. Seuss freebies that I will use to decorate my classroom wall this year. HERE is a cute Triangle Dr. Seuss banner to print out with red and blue designs on all the triangle shaped banner pieces. It is really cute from from the Carefree Classroom.  HERE is a hall pass and some other cute things from Julia Rother. Thanks guys! Now I just need to get into my classroom and start decorating!

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